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Looking for a magazine that calis things by their right names? Then you should think seriously about reading . . . C= AGAINST THE CURRENT tSt BM a socialist bimonthly of news, analysis and dialogue f Y for acv's ancl serlous loft schotar V) SeptemberOctober issue focuses on: The Environf I X mental Impact of NAFTA - Chris Gaal reviews the imiAI pact of the maquiladoras on the environment, Don Fitz y - ' II looks at What Mexican oil has to do with it Two flkg_ Views on Clintonomics & the Crisis of the State - !?FS Q ft j Robert Brenner and Bill Resnick Cecilia Green on Haití As Aristíde Returns Deborah Billings on 19 ( Politics and Possibilities in Guatemala Alan Wald re. viewing Robin Kelley's Hammer and Hoe Jennifer Z- j 1 XKZ on Washington's war vs. the Shoshones I V. S Next issue: On LatinosLatínas. Introductory sub__H P' scription,$15foroneyear(6issues),$25fortwoyears. ATC 7012 Michigan Avenue Detroit, MI 48210 The Ecology Center 's news letter a guide to environmental action -C!" fact sheets f local, regional, & national % C" environmental issues a calendar of environmental events ' Join the Ecology Center and receive Ecology Reports. Cali 761-3186 for membership benefits. To become a member, mail $15-$3O to the Ecology Center 417 Deüoit St. Ann Arbor 48104 Mail this ad with a "30" membership and receive free: Footloose: A Walker' s Guide to Washtenaw County ($10 value) INDEPENDENCE ISSUES To receive a free copy of this quarterly publication, contact: V Ann Arbor Center for 0 W W Independent Living -'S -" ÏTy IK. #A-n 2568 packard Road f ifi XÊ& Ljh7 Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 or cali: A JOURNAL OF TODAY'S ]lw'ol7o (TDD) DISABILUY CULTURE LA PALABRA A Journal of the Latin American Solidarity Committee La Palabra provides news & analysis about events in Latin America as well as updates about LASC activities. It is available quarterly from many Ann Arbor and campus locations. LATÍN AMERICAN SOJ-'PAR'JY COMMITTEE 4120 MICHIGAN UNION. ANN ARBOR, MI 48109 LASC meets every Wednesday night in the Mich. Union. LASC is a non-profrt group dedicated to supporting the legitímate aspirations of Latín American peoples to self-determination. Our goals are to increase awareness here about contemporary realities in Latin America and the U.S. role in perpetuating these, and to pressure ourgovernment to chango its military, political, and economie policies toward Latín America. ■ Peoples Food Co-op fff ■ I Connection fi ■ Turn the tables on your landlord. $LLL%. Subscribe to The Tenants' Voice! J0,Z, h i? Arbor Tenants iff - -OS ? Union members. =s ïfgö"' 48109.763-6876


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