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ADAPT Michigan is a grassrools civil disobediencedirecl action group that fights (or disability rights, in general, and specilically for a national personal assistance program. 2765 Adrienne Dr., A2, 48103; 662-1256. AGENDA Publications publishes AGENDA, Ann Arbors alternative newsmonthly, fealuring grassroots politics and community events. Volunteers and student interns are always needed. 220 S. Main, A2, 48104; 996-8018. AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACTUP Ann Arbor) is a diverse, non-partisan group united in anger and committed to fighting AIDS through direct action. There are standing committees on AIDS education, prison issues, and needie exchange & hospital issues. 207 N. División, A2, 48104; 769-8295. American Friends Service Committee is a Quakerbased peace and justice organization with programs on criminal justice and militarism & nonviolence. Volunteers are always needed. 1414 Hill St„ A2. 48104; 761-8283. Amnesty International works toprotect human rights and tree prisoners ot conscience. Meetings 2nd Tues. each' month, 7:30 pm, Mich. Union; 665-1619. Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living provides counseling, occupational therapy , case management, and recreational opportunites tor people with disabilities. We offer accessibility recommendations to businesses. 2568 Packard Rd., A2, 48104; 971-0277, 971-0310 (TDD). Ann Arbor Coalition Against Rape is a feminist collective which sponsors the annual Take Back the Night March and Rally, usually held in April. Meetings start in Jan. co SAPAC, 580 Union Dr., Room L1 07, A2, 481 09; 763-5865. Ann Arbor Community Development Corporation is a non-prof it organization working to improve economie conditions for all citizens by concentrating on mproving the financial status ot low-income people. 2008 Hogback, A2, 48105; 677-1400. Ann Arbor-Juigalpa Sister City Committee encou rages educational, cultural, medical, and technical exchanges in order to demónstrate that people-to-people relations can break down the politica) barriere so olten put in the way of international peace and understanding. P.O. Box 8198, A2, 48107; 663-1870. Ann Arbor New Jewish Agenda is committed to building an inclusive Jewish community through working against racism, heterosexism, sexism, and intervention in Cehtral America. Supports a 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Monthly Shabbat potlucks and holiday celebrations. P.O. Box 7185, A2, 48107; 769-5680. Ann Arbor Tenant's Union is an advocate and information source for tenants. Volunteers are always needed. 4001 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 763-6876. Black Students Union-EMU imites and promotes the interests ot Black students at Eastern Michigan University. 115 Goodison Hall, YPS, 48197. B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation promotes the welfare, cultural, religious and communal activities and interests of Jewish students and the entire university community. 1 429 Hill, A2, 48104;769-0500. Bread for the World is a lobbyist group that deals with hunger and health-related legislation. Bi-monthly meetings. 706 Dwight, YPS, 48198; 487-9058. Canterbury House is the home of the ministry ol the Episcopal Church tor the U-M community, offering an alternative Eucharist Celebration every Sun. at 5 pm and a lesbian and gay male open house every Mon. at 8:45 pm. 518 E. Washington, A2, 48104; 665-0606. Coalition for Arms Control lobbies and takes part in educational projects concerning the military budget, the Test Ban Treaty, and environmental issues. Monthly meetings. 1407 Waketield, A2, 48103; 663-4897. Concerned Faculty and Staff is a group which supports and acts in solidarity with progressive torces around the world. co Alan Wald, 617 Hiscock, A2, 481 03; 995-1499. Court Appointed Special Advocates are court-trained community volunteers who provide a voice for abused, neglected, or abandoned children in juvenile court protective proceedings. 2270 Platt Rd., A2, 48104; 971-2997. Democratie Socialists of America is building a mainstream socialist presence in American politics and has projects in health care, full employment, and poverty. P.O. Box 7211, A2, 48107; 662-4497. Depot Town Sourdough Bakery is a community-owned, collectively-run, whole-grain bakery making authentic European sourdough bread in a wood-fired brick oven. Volunteers are always needed. 310 N. River St., YPS, 48198; 487-8110. Domestic Violence ProjectSAFE House provides services including shelter for battered women and children, crisis intervention, counseling, education, and act ivitieslor children involving non-violent role models. Volunteer trainings in Oct., Jan., andMay. P.O. Box 7052, A2, 48107; 973-0242 (business), 995-5444 (24-hour crisis line). Ecology Center of Ann Arbor is an environmental advocacy and educational resource center working on such issues as solid waste and toxics reduction, altematives to pesticides, andgroundwatercleanup. 417 Detroit St., A2, 48104; 761-3186. Ella BakerNelson Mándela CenterforAnt i-Racist Education is an alternative and community-run resource center, providing literatura on racism, sexism, classism and other Information on people of color. Now moving - new location TBA; 936-1809. EMU Student Government sponsors activities and works to enhance student life. 233 Goodison Hall, YPS, 48197; 487-1470. Food Gatherers is the food rescue program serving Washtenaw County. It collects nutritious but no-longer saleable food trom area food businesses and distributes it topeopleinneed. 1731 DhuVarren,A2, 48105; 761-2796. Freedom Campaign for U.S. Political Prisoners works to free those imprisoned in or by the United States for their political acts, beliefs or associations, and tor better conditbns for all prisoners. 936-1809. Freedom Link is a non-profit group working to créate a criminal justice system that serves the needs of victims, ottenders and the community in a construclive, cosleffective way. P.O. Box 8182, A2, 48107; 741-0028. Gay Liberation offers peer counseling, group facilitators, education and polilical resources for the lesbiangay male community. 4117 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 763-4186. Gradúate Employees Organization, AFT Local 3550 is the i'nion lor gradúate teaching and staff assistants at the U-M. 802 Monroe, A2, 48104; 995-0221 . Gray Panthers of Huron Valley is the local chapter ol the national Gray Panthers. Goals include eliminating ageism and other torms of discrimination, and improving lite (or people of all ages. 2406 Geddes Ave., A2, 481 04; 662-2111. Guild House is a Uniled Campus Ministry serving U-M students, faculty, and staft on personal issues as well as systemic concerns like racism, sexism and homophobia. 802 Monroe, A2, 48104; 662-5189. Greenpeace works to proted the environment through education and direct action. PakJ positions available. 214 N. Fourlh Ave., A2, 48104; 761-1996. Haiti Solidarity Group works tor human rights and the restoration of democracy in Haiti. 3423 Carpenter, YPS, 48197; 971-8582. HIVAIDS Resource Center provides AIDS education, including speakers and a referral line, and support services for people who are HIV positive and people with AIDS. 3075 Clark #207, YPS, 48197; 572-WELL Homeless Action Committee works to end homelessness using public education and direct action tactics. Meetings are held every Thur. at 5:30 pm at Guild House, 802 Monroe. P.O. Box 4502, A2, 48106; 930-0601 . Housing Bureau for Seniors assists, enables and empowers older adults to live in appropriate housing by providing counseling, information and public workshops. 300 N. Ingalls, A2, 48109; 763-0970. Humane Society of Huron Valley houses stray and unwanted animáis, educates the public on the proper care of pets, and provides emergency rescues, a lowcost spay-neuter clinic, cruelty investigations, and pet adoptions. 3100 Cherry Hill Rd., A2, 48105; 662-5585, 662-4365 (clinic). Huron Valley Greens works on issues such as stopping hazardous waste incineration, eliminating homelessness, and advocating feminist values and community-based economics. Meetings on 1 st and 3rd Sun. of every month. 548 S. Main, A2, 48104; 663-3555. Industrial Workers of the World is an independent labor unión with locáis in many industries and services. IWW publishes a paper and holds monthly meetings. 42 S. Summit, YPS, 48197; 483-3478. Inter-Cooperative Council provides affordable cooperative housing and meal programs for students. Locations around central and north campus (includes an allfemale house). 4002 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 662-4414. Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice is a coalition of religious congregations promoting peace and social justice. Projects include arms control, hunger, Third World atfairs, local economie and racial justice, and farm preservation. 730 Tappan, A2, 48104; 663-1870. Jewish Cultural Society is asecular humanist organization with a strong commitment to the continuity and survival of the Jewish Heritage. Holiday celebrations, Life Cycle Events, Sunday School, and Adult Programs are designed by members to be tlexble and to satisfy a wide range of orientations toward Jewish tradition. 2935 Birch ' Hollow Rd., A2, 48108; 665-5761. Latin AmericanNative American Medical Association encourages adrnission and academie success at UM's Medical School and lost ers a sense ol community lor Native American and Latino medical students. co U-M Medical School Office for Student and Minority Affairs, 5109C Med Sci I, A2, 48109-061 1; 764-8185. Latin American Solidarity Committee supports the right of Latin American people to self-determination and works to end U.S. intervention throughout Latin America. Meetings are every Wed. evening in the Mich. Union. 4120 Mich. Union, A2, 48109. League of Women Voters promotes voter education and awareness. Meets the 2nd Tues. of each month at the Womerïs City Club, 1830 Washtenaw. P.O. Box 7353, A2, 48107; 665-5808. Legal Services of Southeastern Michigan provides legal services in the areas of housing, consumer rights, welfare , health care, and f amily lawto seniors and people with low incomes in Washtenaw County. 420 N. Fourth' Ave., A2, 48104; 665-6181. Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students Association fights homophobia and promotes the interests of lesbians, gay males and bisexuals at Eastern Michigan University. 107 Goodison Hall, YPS. 48197. Lesbian-Gay Male Programs Office promotes civil rights and provides advocacy, education, counseling, Consulting, and more lor the university and area community. 3116 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 763-4186. Lesbian & Gay Youth Support Groups offer peer support and counseling forteens. Conlidentiality assured. c o Ozone House, 608 N. Main, A2, 48104; 662-2222. Michigan Campaign for Human DignityAnn Arbor Grassroots is a statewide coalition working to defeat the anti-gay ballot initiative. For meeting times cali Gay Liberation Front, 3116 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 763-4186. Michigan Citizens Against Toxic Substances promotes toxic waste reduction alternatives. M-CATS is working to stop Envotech Corp.'s proposed toxic landfill incinerator. Meetings 4th Tues. each month. P.O. Box 224, Milan, 48160; 439-3867. Michigan Citizens Lobby is the state's largest consumer protection group. 315 W. Huron #260, A2, 48103; 663-6824. Michigan Student Assembly is the U-M's student government. 3909 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 763-3241 . National Association for the Advancement of Colored People works lor racial equality and justice. 117 Peari, YPS, 48197; 485-7515. National Organization for Women organizes local events and meetings for equality and has task lorces working on reproductive choice, economie issues, women in prison, lesbian rights and the ERA. 1917 Washtenaw, A2, 48104; 995-5494. Native American Student Association promotes Native American issues on campus, offers support for students and info. for those interested in Native American culture. 2304 Mich. Union, A2, 48109; 764-5418. Network for Cultural Democracy defends multiculturalism on the U-M campus. 4063 E. Huron River Dr., A2, 48104; 973-9273. Ozone House offers free phone and in-house counseling for young people, as well as support groups, community education programs, and extensive training for volunteers. It also arranges housing for homeless and run" away youth, as well as foster care and independent living programs. 608 N. Main, A2, 48104; 662-2222. r ' i i ■ ■ i i . f i Parents-Friends of Lesbians and GaysAnn Arbor ofIers support and group meetings for parents, Iriends, and other family members o( gays and lesbians. Meetings are the third Sun. ol every month. P.O. Box 7471, A2, 481077471;741-0659. Peace Neighborhood Center is a community service organization which provides an afler-school program to help kfcJs with homework and dinner. Programs include: Special Friends (like Big-BrotherSister); Juvenile Deliquency Prevention Program; lood, clothing and shelter lor the needy; Job Options for Youth; substance abuse education & prevention; and evening group counseling. 1 1 1 1 N. Maple, A2, 48103; 662-3564. People's Food Co-ops are alternative grocery stores stocking nutritious, organic and whole-grainfood. Memr' discounts; non-member shoppers and volunteer wo o are always welcome. 21 2 N. Fourth Ave., A2, 48104. j349174. 740 Packard, A2, 48104; 761-8173. Performance Network stages new and experimental theatrical works of both local and outskje production companies. Always looking for volunteers (will train) to work in all facets of theater production. 408 W. Washington, A2, 48103; 663-0696. Physicians for Social ResponsibilityWashtenaw County Chapter focuses on issues related to the health environmental consequences of war and militarism and other environmental issues, co Laura Nathan, 3005 Rumsey Dr., A2, 48105; 662-2179. Public Interest Research Group in Michigan lobbies for environmental and consumer protection laws and conducts independent research. Paid positions available. 338-12 S. State, A2, 48104; 662-6597. Recycle Ann Arbor provides curbside recycling of newspaper, cardboard, brown paper bags, glass, cans & some plastic. It also provides info. on energy conservation. 2950 Ellsworth, A2, 48108; 971-7400. Religious Coalition on Latin America works to promote peaceful and just resolutions to the various conflicts in Latin America, co 730 Tappan, A2, 48104; 663-1870. Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center workstodispelmyths about sexual assaultthrougheducational programming, i.e. acquaintance rape awareness and prevention workshops and training programs for U-M stalt. They also ofler crisis intervention services, including a counseling line. There are volunteer opportunities for students. 580 Union Dr, Room L107, A2, 48109; 7635865 (9 am-5 pm), 936-3333 (5 pm-9 am). Socially Activa Latino Student Association advances the concerns and interests of the Latino student community at U-M and elsewhere. 4120 Mich. Union, A2, 48109. Solidanty is a democratie socialist organization. Members are active locally and nationally in coalitions which support the democratie rights ol people of color, workers, women, and the gaylesbian community. 410 S. División, A2, 48104; 662-1041. Student Advocacy Center providesfree, legal advocacy to studenls and their parents. Their purpose is to encourage and promote school policies and practices that worklorchild ren and to challenge thosethat.however we II intended, have a harmlul impact. New Center Bldg. #212, 1100 N. Main St., A2, 48104; 995-0477. Superior Land Conservancy works to preserve and protect the natural environment in rural Superior Township. 8615 Cherry Hill Rd., YPS, 48198; 482-5957. Trailblazers of Washtenaw, Inc. is a psychological rehabilitation clubhouse lor adutts recovering from mental illness. Their emphasis is on social skills and work. 218 N. División, A2, 48104; 665-7665. Trotter House is a campus center which sponsors multicultural programs and provides office and meeting space for minority organizations. It is available lor student and public use lor evening programs. 1443 Washtenaw, A2, 48104; 998-7037. Veterans For Peace works to edúcate the public about the costs of war. It also works to end the arms race, to restrain government intervenlion in other nations' aflairs, and to end war as an instrument of foreign policy. P.O. Box 3881 , Portland ME, 04104; 487-9058 (local phone). Washtenaw Citizens for Animal Rights promotes awareness of animal rights and works for more legal protection for animáis. Meets the 2nd Tues. of each month. P.O. Box 2614, A2, 48106; 426-8525. Washtenaw County Assault Crisis Center offers crisis ntervention services to survivors of sexual assault (teens and adutts). 1866 Packard, YPS, 48197; 483-7273 (24hour crisis line), 483-7942 (business). WCBN-FM provides alternative news, entertainment, and public affairs programming for the Ann Arbor area. 530 Student Activities BkJg., A2, 48109; 763-3501. Wildflour Community Bakery is run by collective members and provides healthy baked goods, plus education (especially lor kkJs) about nutritbn and how to make healthy lood. 208 N. Fourth Ave., A2, 48104; 994-0601 . Women's International League for Peace and Freedom uses education, protest and letter campaigns to work for equality and to oppose war, exploitation and oppresslon. 1209 Roosevett, YPS, 48197; 483-0058. Women's Initiative for Self-Employment promotes selfemployment for low-income women in the Washtenaw County area Offers 12-week business education classes three times a year. 2008 Hogback, A2, 48105; 677-1444. Youth Houslng Coalition is a crisis agency providing safe housing lo young people in homes of volunteers as an alternative to the streets, and offers counseling for youth. co Ozone House, 608 N. Main, A2, 48104; 662-2222. Ypsilantl Food Co-op provides nutritious and organic grocery shopping. An alternative to the big biz gianls. 312 N. River, YPS, 48198; 483-1520. Ypsilanti Recycling Project operates commercial recycling for businesses and educational projects (including a re-use program). 103 S. River, YPS, 48198; 485-0530. If y ou want your organization to be included in a future "Get Involved Guide," please send Information to AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104.


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