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U-m Regents Outlaw "sexual Orientation" Discrimination

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ij.-M.n.V:-grj.-y:F.-M.-r?w.-a On September 24, the U-M Regents voted to include sexual orientation" in Non-Discrimination Bylaw 14.06. The vote was seventoone, with Regent Deanne Baker not unexpectedly casting the dissenting vote. New Regents Rebecca McGowan and Laurence Deitch sparked the iong-awaited change; President Duderstadt, Provost Gilbert Whitaker, VicePresfcJent lor Student Attairs Maureen Hartiord, and all the Deans ot the University supported the measure. The first attempt to ettect inclusión ol sexual orientation among the categories protected trom discrimination was made by the Lesbian-Gay Male Programs Office (then entitled the Human Sexuality Office) in 1972. The office was advised to desist from this effort until the State ol Michigan had removed legal sancttons against same-sex sodomy and gross indecency. A second attempt was made in 1976 through the organizing eflorts of community activist Jonathon Ellis. Early in the 1980s the Lesbian-Gay Male Law Students Group began a third effort, which resulted in the formation ot the group Lesbian & Gay Rights on Campus (LAGROC). In response to this and other considerations, then-President Harold Shapiro issued a "Presidential Policy Statement" in April 1984. The Statement prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment and educational decisions. A Task Forcé on Sexual Orientation was organized in December 1 984 to help explain, disseminate, and implement the Policy Statement. The regental bylaw change approved last month means that 'ït is the policy of the University of Michigan that no person, on the basis ot race, sex, .. sexual orientation.. shall be discriminated against in employment, educational programs and activities, or admissions." As was the case for Uie Presidential Policy Statement, inquines or complaints may be directed to the U-M Affirmative Action Office, Fleming Administration Building, Ann Arbor. Ml 48109 (313764-3423). J. Bernard Machen, Dean of U-M Dental School, will chair a new commitlee lo study how particular employment benefits, familyhousing.financialaidpackages, and student residency status would be atfected by the bylaw change The change will not appty to those concerns until after the committee has tinished its study and after President Duderstadt or his delégate determines how, and to what degree, thebylaw change should apply to those areas. We greatly appreciate the support of all who have contributed to the bylaw change. Twenty-one years of etfort have resulted in one more step loward our liberation! II any ol our readers would like to express their writtenthanks to any members ol the U-M Administration who supported the change, please cali 763-4186 for intormation. Many thanks to all who helped make Pride-Awareness-Commitment Week (PAC Week) such a success: Mayor Ingrid Sheldon lor her PAC Week Proclamation; Ken Blochowski and other members of the Club Fabulous Planning Committee; Chuck Hampton; St. Andrews Episcopal Church; Vicki Hayes, Len Scott, and U-M Counseling Services; rally MC Billi Gordon and speakers Ryan Bradtey, Charley Sullivan, Chad Beyer, Pat Smith, Mary Bejian, Je II Montgomery, and the Rev. Jodi Atwood (whose speech went largely unheard because protesters ol the Cal Thomas event had left the rally area); the Dooryard Moses band; Access Productions; the Rackham Gradúate School and students who tried to study during the amplified hours of the rally; the Michigan Union; the Michigan League; the U-M School ol Music (who kindly cancelled their planned carillon recital during the rally hours); the U-M Lawyers Club; the U-M Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Center; the U-M Network for Cultural Democracy; Van Sheets, Taylor-Anne Wentworth and Billi Gordon tor their workshops; Terri Jewell lor her poetry reading; Common Language Bookstore; Sunday workshop presenters Terri Jewell, Lynn Wright. Jim Toy, Gen Stewart, Molly Reno, Mark Erichson, Karen Miller. and Vicki Hayes; LGMBPO slaff members Andrea Constancio, Camille Brewer, Natasha Raymond, John Smith, Ryan Bradley, and Jim Toy; TV channel 50; The Michigan Daily; The Ann Arbor News; The Universily Record; the U-M OHice of Student AffairsadministrationmembersRichard Carter, Royster Harper, and Maureen Harttord; and all whom we have iailed to mention. Note that on Wed. November 10, trom 1 1 :30 am to 1 pm at the LGMBPO Lounge, 3116 Michigan Union, there will be a Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on the topic "Follow-Up on Billi Gordorïs Workshop: Art as Oppressing? Art as Liberating?" For intormation cali 763-4186. A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all! Gay Liberation Front's Community Services include: a Hotline tor crisis intervention, peer counseling, relerral. Education: workshops and conferences on concerns ol Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people wlth an emphasis on how people in the "helping professions" and leachingprofessions" can workpositively with clients, patients, & students who are Lesbians. Gay men, and Bisexual people. Speakers Bureau: phone (or intormation. Human & Civil Rights: information and referral to help people who are being discriminated against because ol their actual or presumed sexual orientation or because ot their presumed 'cross-gender' characteristics; lobbying tor human and civil rights. Community Organization and Liaison: information and assistance in organizing groups, setting goals, addressing contlict, linking with other groups and resources. Gay Liberation Front includes U-M students, staff , facutty and people from the larger communities. Gay Liberation Front, co 3116 Michigan Union, 530 S. State, Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1349; 763-4186.


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