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Acupressure Rosarme Emmanuele 996-2347 Acupuncture Charles Lincoln 973-1012 James Neuenschwander 995-3200 Jay Sandweiss 995-1880 Acupuncture Point Electro-Diagnosis Doug Benjamin , 995-3200 Alexander Technique Jane Heirich 761-2135 AnxietyPanicTraumaPhobia BobEgri 665-6924 Astrological Counseling Joe Abel 665-1849 Deborah Benedict 697-7148 Aura Glaser 663-3286 Lynn Peterson 482-4498 Bach Flower Remedies JeffDevenow 668-8227 Kathleen Durand 747-9824 Bioenergetics Maurice Alberda 663-5457 Julie Frick 665-2397 Cynthia Gormley 930-1858 Laura Machida 761-7962 RuthRiegel 761-9183 Judy Stone 996-0761 Birth Preparation Rahima Baldwin 662-9381 Peggy Beals 475-0406 Patty Brennan 668-0016 Janet Levine 662-9340 Merilynne Rush 998-1294 Mickey Sperlich 994-0971 Body Balancing Pauline & Charles Cart 971-8032 BodyMind Psychotherapy Gretchen Gardner 665-8410 Cynthia Gormley 930-1858 CareerTransition Counseling Phyllis Perry 973-0003 Tom Thomas 665-5579 Channeling Barbara Brodsky 971-3455 Carla Gardner 662-1 137 Children's Tai Chi Michelle Johnson 662-8114 Chiropractic Kathleen Dvorak 677-1900 Kathy Gueresso 994-7030 Kimberly Jackson 930-6990 Stephen McLean 668-6110 Robert Rose 973-6898 Linda Sayer 677-1900 Robert Tripodi 761-7200 Colon Hydrotherapy Barbara Bean 995-3200 Bernadette DeJarnette 996-1229 Lynne Nichols 995-3200 Dale-ün Mallonen 995-4999 ■ Couples Counseling Michael Andes 662-5215 Therapy Center of Ann Arbor 668-8448 Craniosacra! Therapy Laurie Akerros 995-2719 Linda Feldt 662-4902 Barry Ryder 668-8681 Karen Thompson 996-9395 Marsha Traxler 747-7020 Creative Integration Maurice Alberda 663-5457 Creative Process Creating Results 434-1654 Crystal Healing Tapestry Counseling 668-8777 Eating Disorders Counseling Judith Banker 668-8448 Center for Eating Disorders 668-8585 Susan Weiss 663-2670 Energetic Medicine Research Foundation for Energetic Medicine ....747-9039 Feldenkrais Method Nancy Denenberg 761-1514 Hakomi Bodywork Carol Perrault 971-0762 Helle rwork Anne Carbone 662-5770 Herbal Healing Linda Feldt 662-4902 Homeopathy Peggy Beals 475-0406 Patty Brennan 668-0016 MaxKoval 853-5113 James Neuenschwander 995-3200 Michael Vincent 399-7160 Hypnotherapy Dawn Koernke (517) 789-7508 Karen Rodríguez 428-9660 Kim and Steven Falcone 449-8111 Inner Self Portraits B. J. Bennett 663-5577 Iridology Cindy Miller 665-0383 Kinesiology Edward Clark 662-6068 Kimberly Jackson 930-6990 Linda Sayer 677-1900 Kripalu Massage Kathie Sparling 668-0107 Kripalu Yoga Ti Doerksen 769-8556 Living Foods Ti Doerksen 769-8556 Lymphology Education Wesley Mallonen 437-4091 Macrobiotics Thomas Mesko 996-8081 Massage Laurie Akerros 995-2719 Ann Arbor Therapeutic Massage Center 677-0030 Edward Clark 662-6068 James Cottrell 998-0132 Bemadette DeJarnette 996-1229 Brian Greminger 741-4961 Lisa Gottlieb 677-1900 Angela Hawksworth 996-8232 Cynthia Hoffman 662-6725 Bonnie Johnstone 662-9646 Karen Kerns 449-8276 Gaia Kile 994-4937 Marsha Levin 665-7697 Janet Levine 662-9340 Eddy Lonteen 662-9437 Laura Machida 761-7962 Wesley Mallonen 437-4091 Carol Perrault 971-0762 Marilyn Powers 668-6147 Julie Ritter 663-5797 Karen Rodríguez 428-9660 David Rosenberg 662-6282 Renee Rutz 677-1900 Joy Shannon 769-2232 Luinda Smith 482-3260 Ronald Sulkanen 741-0666 Karen Thompson 996-9395 Mediation Ann Arbor Mediation Center 663-1155 Meditation Barbara Brodsky 971-3455 Prem Pranama 741-1084 Sukha Murray 761-6520 Men's Support Groups Richard Gull 930-2624 Stefan Kopka 668-1837 Midwifery Rahima Baldwin 662-9381 Patty Brennan 668-0016 Merilynne Rush 998-1294 Mickey Sperlich 994-0971 Mini Massage Earth Wisdom Music 769-0969 Movement Therapy Nancy Denenberg 761-1514 HavaJean Delgado 697-1579 Music and Healing MindaHart 769-0969 Myers Briggs Type Indicator Michael Andes 662-5215 Cathe riñe Lilly 663-4952 Myotherapy Joy Shannon 769-2232 Neuromuscular Therapy Barry Ryder 668-8681 Nutritional Guidance Pauline & Charles Cart 971-8032 James Champion 747-9039 Cindy Milier 665-0383 Jay Sandweiss 995-1880 Susan Weiss 663-2670 On-Site Massage James Cottrell 998-0132 Organizational Development Consultation Catherine Lilly 663-4952 CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE This s the fourth edition of Health and Healing Resources in Ann Arbor which is compiled and distributed free by Crazy Wisdom Bookstore. Since 1982, Crazy Wisdom has served as a center of information for people seeking such resources. This latest edition contains over 200 listings in 80 categories. Each of these individuáis or centers has completed an information sheet which is kept in a binder at Crazy Wisdom. Six questions were asked on the sheet pertaining to services offered, how those services are distinct from others offered, training and experience, fees, recommended books, and others to be contacted for the listing. Ask to see the Health and Healing Resources binder at Crazy Wisdom for information supplied by the following individuals or centers in Ann Arbor. Books suggested on those sheets are now available at Crazy Wisdom. The staff at Crazy Wisdom would be happy to assist you in finding the books you want in the areas listed. We realize that no such list can be complete, and we hope this will be a good starting pointforyou. Neither Crazy Wisdom nor AGENDA have nvestigated orevaluated the persons listed. Consequently, we are not in a position tomake recommendations as to any or all of them or to be responsible for the acts or omissions of anyone Usted. Crazy Wisdom Bookstore


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