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ff hewalkstheline.hertimehascome..." It would be so refreshing to hear this song on the radio. It hasa clean sound, good hooks, and incredible harmonies. Mary Ann Kennedy and Pam Rose know how to make fine records. If s been five years since their first record ing, "Hai Ku" (God, has it been that long?), and "Walk the Line" is worth the wait. In addition to doing the singing on this record, these ladies also played guitar, drums, percussion, dulcimer, mandolin, bouzouki, keyboards, andtotopitoffthey did the writing, production and arrangement! If they would only learn to del├ęgate, maybe we could get another album in three years. The songs are about love, f riends, family , and, of course, horses. I can imagine after a hard day's work on the ranch (no doubt located in Brentwood or Hendersonville or some otherburb of Nashville) they sit down with a guitar and knock out a couple of songs. Their writing is so wholesome; the stories make you feel good. You sense the emotiqn and love in each phrase. One of my favorite songs is "She Walks the Une," a song about coming of age, falling in love and finding yourself. Tnbal chants and drums are a nice touch on "Iron Horse." Sting (Pangaea is his label) playsbass on "Island Home. ""White Horse" is a dreamy song about generations past and present and, as time goes by, still seeing yourself in your family members. Look forthis record atyourfavonte record store on February 8th. You won't be disappointed. un iEr-Tiii├»i rkennedy V A L K r M . L ' N I. EjuuEQjXIyuj 13202 j


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