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Give A Gift From The Heart I m Come to Whole Foods Market on Thursday, February 10. We'U be donating 5% of all sales to HIVAIDS Resource Center (H.A.R.C.) as our Valentine present to this good cause. H.A.R.C. will use the money M ft to help pay for direct care services, the Buddies Program, a food bank, hospital visitations, transportation, and support groups. We feature: L ÜËËËË Organic produce y Nutritional supplements k and bulk herbs -fm m V Bulk foods and spices LM i Y Juice bar, salad bar, ' á b a and delicatessen Gourmet coffees and teas f mm An excellent selection of cheeses Natural meats and fresh fish I We re also offering these special lft items for your Valentine: . Handmade Morgen chocolates N Cloud Nine candy bars J 9 Champagne, beer, and wine Handmade truffles f M Chocolate mousse for two j Ar Bath crystals. massage, and perfume oils m Í IL Bulk chocolate, carob, and yogurt candies "6' i 2398 E. Stadium Blvd. at Washtenaw, in the Lamp Post Plaza 971-3366 Open 9am-10pm daily m Good food...good for you...good for the planet.


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