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$mfSG3!!3PÊË&ig%888%& MVmWmÊ&fififlWiWim MmmiftfQ[fyLïMimmï OBOE LESSONS available in May . Cali SAFETY GIRL is moving. . . April 30. Cali -SANDRA SHEARSIisa Silver at 662-8616. $15 per hour, $10 668-0647 to find out where. Vibrators, senSpiritual Healer-Psychic Counselor per half-hour. sual oils, edibles, lovers' board games, femme "A waken Your Light Body" ff SlïïHTTTT1 videos and more. Sincere and informative Private Sessions, Groups and Classes ilP;iSJU[ i jJpííssíssí: assistance.HomeoftheOstrichLoveWhip-(313)994-0047 WORK FOR ECOLOGICAL SANITY Get one free at our new location! WAVFWORK HFAI INC Canvassing jobs with GREENPEACE. Full PATHWAY CAREER GUIDANCEJOB Genüe rocïi hi backj neck and or Part-time ir i fun .and educational work. SEARCH SYSTEM Unemployed, underemshoulders to rstress blocks and pain. Cali Chuck at 761-1996. ployed, move off of square 1 . Ask about inexMomings and weekends. 663-8073 x-xx-:xLpQJff:mmixvx pensive home parties. Licensed professional 4 l'JLJi'jF counselor. Cali Mark Bennett, 761-9177. PREGNANT? Professional counseling on LANDSCAPE ALTERNATIVES ART HAVEN STUDIOS Parenthd We designulldadvlserevlvestonework. Dance, bodywork, acoustic music, ritual, Plants to suit your site. . . naüve, edible, herbal. Yours or mine, share play & learn. 663-8073 pROBLEM PREGNANCY HELP AborIndulge your green visión. "Grapevine;' raves! thfrapv PROTIP a üon alternatives. 769-7283. Let us help you MagicGardenearthwiseconsulüng. 663-8073 GAY MEN'S THERAPY GROUP Ann v' Arbor Counseling Assoc. Contact Bob cnoose me FINDYOURHEARTLic.Marriage&FamVnyt, ACSW, at996-0918, $30-45. thu APPimr mawipr ily Therapist, down-to-earth, supportive, ! _ THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE teracüve. Bob Dargel, ACSW, 996-0918. FREE NOSE & EAR PIERCING- Evenings and weekends. Riek Krupinski, way to Afrika, 109 S. 4th Ave. 668-6944 973-8842. Member, AMTA PJJWiPJFfjgj INSTRUCTIONS: (questions? cali 996-8018) !!éIly m $2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). [l]']l]ll'l ■" Deadline: MAY 25 for JUNE publication. ■■■■■■■■ i Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. 31] [ I bt Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St I ■■■ÉÉÉÉ1 I (in back of Elmo's T-Shirts). I 'AGENDA reserves the right to reject, cancel, modify, classify , or re-classify any ad. ■r MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104


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