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■■■■" " '"w 314 E. Liberty Ann Arbor KjuLYy I KIRKLANDTEEPLE $10 - His unique slyle of comedy has earned him a „HBLdl Éft ■L following of "Tecple People" all across ihe country! jj& He takes you on a comcdy roller coasler ride, so buckle #■ WÊfl up and hang on as we presera a Mainstreet favorito!! mÊi Bfet. 7 MARGARET SMITH $10 K?P „ It's an extra special weekend at the Mainstreel M O as we present the razor sharp stylings of one m of women's comedy's very best! Wc misscd her ■aBfc 0?r in May due lo her lalesl T.V. appearance that shc'll add lo her many Letterman and "Tonighl Show" vv' , credits! If you're tircd of the strictly "male pcrspeclive" I s ide ! comcdy. thi show's for you.'.' T (No discounts accepted 7994 8:3()pm show) A JM pHOWTIMESX j4 jimmcHUGH $10 Thur. 8:30pm I _ _ Wiih a quick wil and ihe abilay lo poinl out the V Fri 8:30 & 10:30pm I --J absurdiüesof life, this comic from the Windy Cily -Sat. 8:3Ú:& 10:30pm . 16 has appearcd on A& E's "F.vening al ihe Imnrov s. as wel I as MTV's "12 Hour Comcdy Ilour"! -- - -- " (All discounts accepled) ' 21 STUNT JOHNSON THEATRE $10 -y -y This outrageous and irreverent comedy troupe has been - - - _ featured on "America's Funniest Peoplc"!! Take a S?i&v 23 break from reality and treat yourself toa nighl of (FOT RES6l"VütÍ0nS) hilarity with these local locos. V -, .. J Art Fair Showümes Thurs 9 OOpm C üll _s' Fri. &Sat 9 & llpm - : " (AU discounts accepled) O O í O i Si. i I 28 BOB SMITH $12 llailed as a truc pioneer in ihe mainslream of sland-up comedy, this opcnly gay and broadly entertaining talent lands on our slage hot on ihe heels of his firsl "Tonighl Show" appearance, a rarily for openly gay entertainers Wm, of any form, as well as ihe dcbul of his firsl HBO comedy special airing in early July. Once again, it's an exciling Don't Miss landmark visil lo the Mainslreel!! Wft Speed Showtimes: 7 30 & 9 iOpm SppM'' 'm (AM discount accepled) 29 KIRKLANDTEEPLE $10 B jf. Sec July 1 &2 BÊÊ JJ (All discounts accentedl jf ÓWGUSÏ) T 4 JIM MC LEAN $10 5He's been hailed as a "sit-com ready lo happen" in Delroil Monihly magazine!! His high energy style and well writlen material meld 6 into a show thal's aboul lo launch him into slardomü (All discounis accepled) U TIMCAVANAGH $10 18 MARK BOYD $10 -y This whimsical comic from q lis anothcr Mainslreel debul as we - Chicago hils ihe stage wilh his " present the clever comedy slylings 13 eaci u" of original songs that 20 f Mark Boyd! lic lakes the slage poke fun at, yct embrace pcople by surprise and hiLs ihe funny bonc of all kinds! A masler al word play, hard!! Don't miss oul on ihis his enthusiaslic slyle enhances ihe "Kvening al ihe Improv" veleranü fecling ihal he really belicves we (AU discounts accepled) all live in ihe cornball world he does!! (AU discounis accepled) , 1 1 MICHELE BALAN $10 This openly gay, oulslanding New York stand-up is firsl, and foremosl, funny! In her laut, lighlly paced show, you can expeel a refreshingly nalanced, always leasing, view of how she copes wilh life, love; and ■jjl the pursuil ofsanily in a nol so tolerant world! ! Ycs, I's another don'l miss debut for comedy fans straight and gay!! Special Showlimts: 7:30 A 9:30pm (Sorry, no gutst passes accepled) 26 MARK MORAN $10 L l.ook ooit! It's a comedy lomado on slage k 2 ihis week!! Ihis whirlwind ola comic is a truc k "road warrior of comedy", he has no home!' IBmbbI P "c Iravcls the country wilh an outlook on life Ihal is not only miiquc, bul quile hilariousü """""1'1"11'"""1"" (AU discounts accepled) ClIIheck Out These Creat ValüesTlZl ... iThürsday or Friday'l SATURDAY i 1-4 % VWlid fr 12 vT h s Valid lor $3 oJT I . V oiMi ffeneral iJmission W P unu fMfU adtnJK.siun tg' -j::'' prlcc i'hurs or IViduy, H CÖ pric Slurly. ■ Expires AUO 2, li4 r -fc W lixPis ALC 27, 1994 ■ I--W- - General Adinistdvli oalinR ■! tftf# OcneraJ Ailmissioii soatinK Y availabilitv onlv. Í ■ T availahllily only. ' . JJ Ij KxcluJiisikclshowlinie 'I J 1 1 KxcJuaos solctl showtimes l I ' .i'pWppSBBWIBr " ' 4 iPal cigK"!nls. I mmmm"mm & special enjíMuomcnls. mm'im' ■■" - mi - - - ' - -'!■ - - - - - - . - - - - mm!


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