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Programs for U-M Students, Faculty and Staff : What follows is a summary of women's safety organizations on campus, and the programs they offer. Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) coord nates efforts on campus to provide forthe safety of U-M students, faculty and staff. SAPAC's comerstone program is peer educator workshops. These are offered on a variety of topics, i.e. date rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and assault prevention, strategies. The workshops are presented in residence halls, fratemities, sororities, and for campus groups that request them. SAPAC also distributes free keychain whistles, handouts on their services, and inf ormation sheets on topics such as "tips for walking alone at night." For more inf ormation visit SAPAC at 580 Union Dr., Rm L-107 On West Quad) orcall 763-5865. Safewalk and Northwalk provide a pair of walkers (both women or co-ed) for people walking alone at night. Safewalk walkers will accom pany an ind ividual anywhere within a 20-minute radius of the Undergraduate Library. Hours are: Sun.Thurs. 8 pm-2:30 am, and Fri. & Sat 8 pm1 1 pm. Northwalk provides a similar service, housed in Bursley Hall. lts hours are: Sun.-Thurs. 8 pm-1 :30 am, and Fri. & Sat 8 pm-1 1 pm. To arrange for walkers to meet you, cali Safewalk at 936-1000 or Northwalk at 763-9255. The Department of Public Safety provides rides home at night to students, staff and faculty who feel at risk. For a ride, cali 763-1131. in addition, there is Night Owl, a free bus service that operates all over campus from 7 pm-2 am, seven days a week. Those needing a ride between 27 am can cali Ride Home, a free taxi service. Cali the Undergraduate LJbrary circulation desk at 764-7490 or the North Campus Commons at 764-7544 for this service. Services for other AnnArborYpsilanti residents: Although the prospect of a serial rapist is frightening, statistics show that the majority of rapes are committed by an acquaintance of the victim. Therefore, area agencies opposing violence against women focus much of their energies on domestic violence and date rape. Assault Crisis Center provides services for rape sutvivors, including individual and group counseling, court accompaniment, and pĆ³lice accompaniment. They also provide counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For crisis ntervention, cali the 24-hour hotline at 483-RAPE. Domestic Violence Project (DVP) SAFE House holds support groups for women who are survivors of domestic violence. They also distribute a survivor's handbook free to battered women. This fall they will be holding programs on dating violence and other topics. DVP also distributes free whistles. For their 24-hour hotline, cali 9955444. Other groups providing services for those who have been assauttedinc lude: SOSCommunity Crisis Center at 485-8730 and Rape Crisis Center at 994-1 61 6.


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