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Ann Arbor Recycling Guide

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Services provided by the City of Ann Arbor and Recycle Ann Arbor Newspaper BIn NEWSPAPER - Whatever comes n the Preparation - Place loose in the newspaper can be recycled with the home Newspaper y5fc-- , newspaper. recycling bin. Ê Do not add other paper types. Staples are o.k. öf Si; CORRUGATED CARDBOARD & Preparation - Flatten, bundie and BROWN PAPER BAGS - Cardboard place in the Newspaper recycling must have a rippled paper center. Inbin. Place largerpieces (up eludes pizza boxes, brown paper bags to 3'x2'x6"), tied or and brown paper envelopes. Staples taped flat, outside O-"" ,)ii(l tape are o.k. No waxed boxes. the Newspaper bin. JgS-í2SL Grayboard boxes are only accepted at (The Drop-Off S5gg the Drop-Off Station. Station takes il MAGAZINES - Includes glossy Bundie or store catalogs, ad slicks and other separately in brown paper - j glossy paper. Remove % !!$&!&. bags. When full, seal with LmJT plain paper inserts to fi r SMy sturdymaskingtape, write JIW recycle as "mixed lf?l "Magazines" on the bag, ƒ L office paper." Iwíifl and place in the 9 X per recycling bin. ƒ JH MIXED OFFICE PAPER -Includes white Preparation - Store separately in 1 and colored stationery and envelopes, brown paper bags labeled "Office j lined notebook paper, Paper. Seal shut with sturdy I topier and computer paper, ttk&l1 taPe anc P'ace in Windowed envelopes and 9.JjU ifS Newspaper recy plastic labels are now o.k. x&vgÈsji V--""" cling bin. APRIL AND NOVEMBER ONLY: PHONE BOOKS - yv Preparation - Place in the I Includes phone book 3i-Í-_ Per 'so accep160! at tne I pages and covers. ;í?víCFÍk Off Station during these two months. j PAPER PRODUCTS RECYCLABLE AT THE DROP-OFF STATION ONLY: Includes gray and Preparation - Flatten. S ' brown cereal and shoe boxes, paper Taketo the Recycling %j$Sy?lW towel tubes, notepad backine. Drop-Off Station. % cvï' I 1 Y&9& Place in trash all food-stained paper, paper plates, napkins and towels, _Ss all tissue producís, foil-backed papers, carbon paper, thermal fax paper, """" - S' paper with crayon, white freezer boxes, waxed corrugated cardboard, and rice paper. Containers Bin GLASS CONTAINERS - Includes Rinse. Remove lids. Q clear, green and brown glass bottles Recycle loóse metal lids in J andjars. Labels and neck rings are the bin. VI o.k. No drinking glass, window CWI "i glass or pyrex. -CÍÍ Im METAL CANS AND Includes Preparation - Rinse, ffÜMÏk& metal food cans and jar and bottle flatten if possible. ALUMINUM TRAYS AND FOIL - Preparation - Rinse and flatten. Includes lightweight "disposable" üi'I aluminum food packaging and non" TIÉ #2 PLASTIC BOTTLES - Includes "' '!mf small-mouthed bottles with a seam Rinse and flatten. and #2 marking (HDPE), such as Remove and discard milk jugs, detergent bottles and plastic caps. I personal care product bottles r-= fcTlI: (shampoo and lotion). 2lZi y" ..--5 No wide-mouth #2 containers, f --- v f yS( suchasmargerinetubs. ï Lj No #2 bottles that held a toxic y. iS product, such as motor oil. y O í "VK a j l vJ No plastic lids or other items. J y"" l -J CONTAINERS RECYCLABLE AT THE DROP-OFF STATION ONLY: #1 PET(E) BOTTLES Includes clear Rinse and flatten. Remove or transparent green bottles with a and discard plastic caps. #1 on the bottom, labeled PET or tïP PETE, such as are used for spring Tv. V water, salad dressing and Gatorade. Hl Nn- rJ$fe. " No other plastic types of i N. AoS XTOïs. containers or plastic items, such U ƒ i Ss (i x rfíiKK!!f asbagsortoys. VU fV' ? Any containers NOT Usted above are NOT collected i% jv nAnnArbor's recycling program. Please reuse or discard. Sillín "rM'%íg Helpful Phone Numbers: 24-hour recorded recycling nformation Recycle Ann Arbor 971-7400 Waste Reduction Recycle Ann Arbor 971-9676 Refuse, Compost, Special Bulk Collection City of Ann Arbor 994-2807 RecyclePlus Commercial Green Bag Program City of Ann Arbor 994-2867 Home Toxics Disposal Message and Assistance Washtenaw County 971 -7356 City of Ann Arbor 24-hour Service Recordings 994-HELP Recycling Drop-Off Station 2050 South Industrial - staffed by Recycle Ann Arbor Open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from noon to dusk and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m 971-7400 HflMF TflYIP MATPRIAI Q Household Batteries. Put used, nUlllk IÜAIÜ IIIHItniHLU nonleaking Household batteries in a irrrn Used Oil Filters. Place drained filter cff Pc bag and place OUTSIDE IS1 in clean sealed plastic bag and place [the curbside recc bins or take to OUTSIDE of the curbside recycling the Drop-Off Station. bins or take to the Drop-Off Station. Car Batteries. Take non-leaking car Limit 3 filtersweek per residence. batteries to the Drop-Off Station or to local auto stores. Used Motor Oil. Do not nclude any other fluids besides motor oil. Place For other toxic producís, such as leaky in a see-through plastic milkjugwith batteries, mixed motor oil, paints and a screw-top lid ortaped pop-top and pesticides and less toxic alternatives, place OUTSIDE of the curbside recali the Washtenaw County Home cycling bins or take to the Drop-Off Toxics Program at 971-7356. Station. Several local service stations Remember to safely use household toxic accept used motor oil as well. producís only as directed on package.


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