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ttjgSSj This channel airs educational ! flPm HHJfel and nformational programHj ming. Examples of Channel 8 [ fjl shows include: plays and con[■■■AiMiMHMm certs 'ealuring Ann Arbor MJ ■ƒ! school children, information Ría about new books at the public hmmtmmmmmé Hbrary.andcollegetelecourses. Program categones are: 16% AACAT (i.e. Around Ann Arbor - Live); 4% Ann Arbor Public Library (i.e. "Booked for Lunch" lecture series); 62% Ann Arbor Public Schools (i.e. school plays, Homework Helper, district information, satellite programs); and 1 8% Washtenaw Community College (telecourses). f TH Thischannelairsprogramming dÊWi MjHj by Ann Arbor residents and ' Jblll members of Ann Arbor-based Hl nonprofit organizations. M is a IÉJÉIH platform for opinions, ideas, HH and creative endeavors. ProW grams are pre-produced, taped mmmmmismm atAACATfacilities orairedlive (rom the AACAT studio. There are between 30 and 40 series (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) running at any one time. Program categories are: 35% Special Interest (i.e. A American, religious, physically challenged, women's issues, children's issues, gay issues); 32% Arts & Entertainment (i.e. dance, drama, music, comedy, sports, documentary); 27% Information (i.e. community events, public service, news); and 6% Education (i.e. health, safety, fitness). gp] This channel is devoted to city ;m MMki j government in action - includILJmIéJLmIh ! 'n9 ''ve covera9e of meetings f ■?!T'kJÍ of Ann Arbor City Council, PlanMMèli Ij ning Commission, Board of J VI Education, Cable Communica■ B wÊÊÊBr tions Commission, Zoning tmmfflïKWKffi-i-ifflfflfffl-i Board of Appeals, Historie District Commission, Solid Waste Commission, and Commission on Disability Issues. Italsocablecasts special events (i.e. elections and town meetings). pgKjjjj:;! AALINC is an interactive elecI PH HHHkj:jtronicbul!etinboardthata!lows fla B i one ' access, with a touch f FyT'!? I tone Phone, nformation trom ■MfWMPH II City Hall, community organiza Pj tions, public schools, the pubf í-PP ViPij lic libfary, AACAT program listt::-.v. . - :.;...;:..:.:;.:.:.:;.;;:;:;í;';v;:;:l ngs, and Washtenaw Community College. To use AALINC, cali 994-451 3. Instructions and the list of categories appear on the screen. A number keypad with arrows appears in the bottom led corner, prompting the user to push certain numbers to access certain information. Each caller has five minutes at a time to use AALINC. Through AALINC one can cali up information such as: a list of City Councilmembers (name, address and date of term expiration); school lunch menus; Washtenaw Community College news; or a list of new books at the public library! Community organizatlons can submit information (i.e. upcoming activities or volunteer recruitment announcements) for inclusión on AALINC on a 3.5 inch IBM diskette, us ing ASCII or DOS text file formal. Format the announcement to 40 characters per line, 10 lines per ■ page (this equals one screen on TV). You may use up to 100 screens for your listing. At the end, type "end of ■ file." . If submitting a computer diskette is not possible, AACAT will accept announcements in written form. pipg AACAT also opérales a bulletin Mk HÈ board system accessible to HH B] computer modem users. Agen BjtMrtpH Bi das, agenda items, and min Ij utes from City Council meet Ij ings, as well as city job post ings wKr 1 and AACAT program shedules a :::-::-:-:-:-:::;t:-x;:v;v:v:-m-::v:-:w anLj wortsnop dates are avail# a ble for down loa di ng 24 hours a day by dialing 994-1 743 on your modem (300 to 14,400 BPS. Data=8, parity=N, stop=1). The bulletin board also includes the AACAT Bazaar (classitieds of items for sale); downloadable software; and a chat board on a variety of topics including government, religión, taxes. ■■■


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