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State Theater Brings New York Films To A2 Nearly two years ago - after being closed for three years - the State Theatre re-opened its doors. The father-and-son Spurlin team (Bill Sr. and Billie Jr.) of locallybased Aloha Entertainment leased and renovated the space. They started out showing second-run films, but recently made the switch to first-run dramatic art and specialized features. They also show late-night cult, camp and horror favorites. The State is famous for its landmark marquis and its classic, oldtime movie house feel. In contrast to the straight, square theaters that are the trademark of modern multlplexes, State's theaters have an odd shape - the result of one large room with a wrap-around screen having been subdivided into two, in 1979. The weird design is something I really llke about the theaters," says Billie Spurlin. There's nothing really square. And both theaters are wide ratherthannarrow andlong, sopeople don't feel like they're on an airline watching a movie." Perhaps the State's best oddity is it's stadium-style seating. The ence in height between each row permits every customer an unobstructed view of the screen and stage area. The Spurlins have worked hard to turn their movie house into a community gathering place. There are tables and chairs in the lobby for discussion of movies before and after showtime. And , like any good community gathering place, they serve cappuccino, coffee and espresso (in addition to fresh popcorn and other theater confecüon). For you collectors out there - past and present movie posters are on sale in the upper lobby. Many of these posters may never be reproduced after the movie completes its initial run! The Spurlins have recently enlisted the services of Jeffrey Jacobs Entertainment, a new film service out of New York. Look for better and better films coming to the State! $3 - Studente, Seniors, Children $5-Adults Bargain Matinees Daily Ij WHÁT'S il ; PLAYING IN ; j OCTOBER j EROTIQUE NOW PLAYING SPANKING THE MONKEY NOW PLAYING A TALE OF WINTER STARTS FRIDAY OCT. IA KILLING ZOE STARTS FRIDAY OCT. 21 I GREAT LATES I Fri. & Sat ii:45 ptn-Only $3 A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Oct. X, 7 Ö 8 THESfflNING Oct. 14 15 & 21 22 ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Oct. 28t 29 Ö 30 - - ' f HOT fflILvLf II lDs fifi vil wV AT wVl bbJb B _v fl L-vnc B wbbYbaw bYbVbbbbm J HHbi -BiWBWBta'"""ï%fc'L-uM ■ hbWbYI j j jJJilip B j-l -k-l-BP ÊkJÊ Êk ÉÈ Jfc. WT BJmiP " - "T-4BB zzZl ERO TfTQ U E t-41 7 I TV 1 1 IJÊÊËÊ Ml JW É h ■ ■ ÉMfc MM M -1 i fr Ü bi M áÉF ' IHPHlBBgl- .-UUii!!=UJ:IJI!IJ'lll,'lg-l-gl!WII


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