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AGENDA is interested in receiving letters from readers. Please keep them short and include your name and phone number (not for publication). Send letters to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104. AACAT Feels Impact We're already feeling an impact as a result of your superb article about the community media services available at Ann Arbor Community Access Televisión. Many thanks to you for the wellwritten and highly inf ormative piece in this month's AGENDA["A2 Community Access Televisión: Use It!" by Phillis Engelbert, Oct., 1994]. As AACAT begins its 21 st yearthis month, we continue to look forward to the challenge of providing the Ann Arbor community with a forum to speak out and créate. Your article was comprehensive and thoroughly researched. You have done a powerful job of helping us to teil our story! Thanks again to the AGENDA staff for your support of AACAT. Lucy Ann Visovatt i PROGRAM MANAGER, AACAT Assault Crisis Centen For The Record I have been meaning tocongratulate you on your thorough article on the Ann Arbor serial rapist that appeared in the Sept. 1 994 issue of AGENDA ["A2's Summer of '94: 10 Top Stories," by Phillis Engelbert]. Since it appears that the rapist has struck again, it is imperative that our community continue to receive accurate and reliable information from the print media. Because Washtenaw County is (comparatively) rich in the variety of resources available to its citizens, confusión can exist regarding which organization does what. The Assault Crisis Center is the rape crisis and counseling program for all Washtenaw County residents. Our 24-hour program provides comprehensive services to rape survivors, their family members and f riends, and includes hospital accompaniment, short-term counseling, support groups, court preparation and accompaniment, pólice advocacy, medical and legal information, and ref erráis. Additionally, our community education component provides assault awareness and prevention programs to area schools and a wide variety of community groups (1 37 workshops in 1 993 alone). The only bit of inaccuracy in the article was the ref erence to the " Rape Crisis Center at 9941616." The Assault Crisis Center IS the "Rape Crisis Center" and 994-1 61 6 is an old (nonworking) number of ours from the late 1 980s. Our current number is RAPE. Although we applaud and support the much-needed work done by the Domestic Violence ProjectSafe House and SOS Community Crisis Center, they are not rape crisis programs and including them in an article focused on sexual assault may be conf using to the reader. For many rape survivors, making that first phone cali for help can be an especially painful act of courage. To make that cali, only to be referred to another agency, can be very frustrating and upsetting. Your voice in out community is vital. Keep up the good work.


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