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November Literary Events

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To publicize December LITERARY EVENTSsendformattedlistingsby November 15 to AGENDA, 220 S. Main St, A2, Ml 48104. Unless otherwise noted, all UTERARY EVENTS Usted are free and open to the public. All hcations are in Ann Arbor unless otherwise noted. 2 Wednesday Book Reading: Little Professor 7-8 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. ANNIE ZIRKEL, author of "Cheap Living In and Around Ann Arbor," demonstrates great ways of finding bargains - just in time forthe holidays. 662-4110 Book Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 61 2 E. Liberty. Wrth MERRY McINERNEY, author of "Buming DowntheHouse."Thisisastory much like Mclnemey's own: An aspiring gradúate student puts her career on hold to support herhusband white he wrítesanoveL When the novel beoomes a best seller, the husband tums all his attention to a lite of parties, film deals and colebrity. 668-7652 3Thursday Pubiication HHHHBHHH Party: Shaman I yitTfiTl Drum 4-6 pm, B i I " J 315 S. State. I With TOMAS ■ I f T I T-l ALMAGUER. J author of "RaI cialFault Lines: I IfmPS The Historica! I OriginsofWhite I Supremacy in I California." I AlmaguerisAsI sociate ProfesI sorofSodology and American Culture at U-M. 662-7407 4Friday Pubiication Party: Shaman Drum 6-8 pm, 315 S. State. With authors and artists in volved with the pubiication of two special issues of Michigan Quarterty Review on "Bridges to Cuba." This party is being held in conjunction with the Nov. 4-5 conference on "Cuba and lts Dtaspora, ' sponsored by the U-M International Institute. 662-7407 5Saturday Children's Book Reading: Little Professor 11 am-noon, 2513 Jackson Rd. Storytime with Bart and Kim, along with special guestTheCat in the Hat It'ssuretobeafunfilled hour for kids ages 1 0. 662-41 1 0 Children's Performance: Borders 1 1 am, 61 2 E. Liberty. The Mask Pupppet Theater, Ann Arbor's troupe of large, walk-around puppets, will perform a story about loyatty, friendship and sibling jeaiousy in a play callled The Tree That Cried." 668-7652 Grand Opening. Shaman Drum 6 pmmidnight, 31 5S. State. Shaman Drum Bookshop, one of downtown Ann Atbor's oldest owner-operated independent bookstores, will welcome book lovers of southeastem Michiigan to a Grand Opening Celebration. Come share complimentary refreshments, uve music, and good cheer in Shaman's Drum new first-floorspace. 662-7407 ■'Lesbian and Gay Voices: A Tribute to Isabel Miller": 1994 Michigan Writers Symposium 7:30 pm, Kellogg Center Aud., MSU, E. Lansing. Featuring KATHERINE V. FORREST, one of the wortd's leading writers of feminist fiction; BARBARA GRIER, co-founderof Naiad Press, the worid's largest publisher of lesbian literature; LEV RAPHAEL, author of "Dancing on Tfeha B'Av"; and ANITA SKEEN, MSU Professor of English and author of "Each Hand A Map," $5 (students free). 517-355-3770 6 Sunday "Kerry Tales-Thank Goodness": Kerrytown ShopsWor kbench Fumi ture 2 pm , 410 N. Fourth Ave. (2nd floor children's fumiturearea). Fables, fantasies, and folderol with TRUDY BULKLEY. Al ages welcome. 769-31 1 5 7 Monday Discussion and Booksigning: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. ROB PASICK, author of "Awakening from the Deep Sleep," vvill present a talk entitled, "Warrioror Saint The Male Dilemma" He will address issues men face in rebtionships in the nineties. Pasick is atherapist atthe Ann ArborCenter forthe Family. 668-7652 8Tuesday Book Signing: Borders 7 pm, 612 E. Liberty. With BO SCHEMBECHLER and the new book "Dynasty in Blue: 25 Years of Michigan Football Glory." This is a coBection of wriöngs by some of America's finest sports writers, edited by Mike Bynum. "Dynasty in Blue" details the past 25 years of Michigan football. 668-7652 9 Wednesday Publication Party: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5 S. State. With PHILIP BERRYMAN, authorof "Stubbom Hope: Religión, Politics and Revolution in Central America." Berryman, aformerpriest, is alsothe author of "Liberation Theology and The Religious Roots of Rebellion." 662-7407 155555 SSI Book Reading: HJ9I Borders 7:30 pm, IBSwll 612E. Liberty. Wrth lïiBWll LESLIE HEAFITZ, II vllESDiflll autnor ' "n Dark ILVjO I nessand in Light," a I book of poetry. Dr. I Heafitz is a profesI soratHarvardMediI cal School who was H I recently diagnosed ■Ak.,.1 poenis deal with her "" illness and her love of Sfe. 668-7652 Book Reading: Shaman Drum 8-10 pm, 315 S. State. Native American women authorsCRlSCABIERWERT.CAROLMINEAR, and BETTY BELL will read from their works in honor of Native American History Month. All triree women have been active in the Native American community and performance arts. 662-7407 10Thursday Book Signing: Aunt Agatha's 12:30-1 :30 pm, 21 3 S. Fourth Ave. Exclusive lunchtime signing by mystery writer STEPHEN WHITE. LBcehisfirsttwobooks, "Privileged Information" and "Private Practices," his new novel "Higher Authority" features Dr. Aten Gregory, a psychologist who finds that his patien ts' past traumas can have insanely murderous implicatbns in the present 7691114 1 1 Friday Publication Party: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. Wrth DAVID W. PENNEY, coauthor of "Native American Art" Penney is Curator of Native American Art atthe Detroit Institute of Art. 662-7407 Poetry Reading: Little Professor 7-8 pm, 251 3 Jackson Rd. For something new and different on Friday night join Little Professor at 'The Corner." The Corner is a new series featuring performing arts, poetry readings, music, and literary discussions. This month hear poetry from the local publication New Paradigm, followed by an open mike. 6624110 12Saturday Children's Book Reading: Borders 11 am, 61 2 E. Liberty. Border1 s start members take part in celebrating autumn with stories, songs and crafts. 668-7652 Children's Book Reading: Little Professor 2-3 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. With JOAN BLOS, author of The Days Before Now." Forages 4-10. 662-4110 13Sunday Mystery BookClub: Uttle Professor 6:307:30 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. Join Urde Professor's Murder on the Second Sunday Book Group as they gather around the firepbce to discuss this month's selection from Ellery Queen. Group members receive 15% off group seiections and new members are always welcome. 662-41 1 0 LITERARY EVENTS (FROM PREVIOUS PAGE) 14Monday Book Demonstration: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E Liberty. DAVID MacAULAY, author of "The Way Things Work," wil demónstrate the new CD-ROM version of his best-selling book. From telephones to telescopes, from lasers tolightbulbs,this multimedia version of the book brings more than 200 inventions to life with the click of a mouse. 668-7652 15Tuesday Book Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 61 2 E Liberty. With SALUE TISDALE, author of "Talk Dirty to Me: An Intímate Philosophy of Sex." Her book is the conversation about sexual desire we have been waiting for but have been afraid to start 668-7652 16 Wednesday Publi catión Party: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. With JAMES BOYD WHITE, author of "Acts of Hope: Creating Authority in Literatura, Law and Politics. " White is a U-M Professor of Law and English. 6627407 African American Book Club: Uttle Professor 7-8 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. Gather around the fireplace to discussthismonth'sselections.Membersreceive15% off group selections and new members are always welcome. 662-4110 17Thursday Literary Discussion: Little Professor 7:30-8:30 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. Join Kay Marsh, Manager of Little Professor, and David Shields of Baker and Taylor Books, in a discussion about the impact of multimedia on bookstores. 662-41 10 18 Friday Publication Party. Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. With ROBÍN D.G. KELLEY, author of "Race Rebels: Culture, Politics, and the Black Working Class." Kelley is a U-M Professor of Htetory and Afro-American and African Studies. 662-7407 The Psycho Poets Thanksgi ving Celebrat on: Cava Java 9:30 pm, 1101 S. University. Arwulf Arwulf and Mare Taras ruminate on things American, native and otherwise, including love, jazz and more, $3. 741 -JAVA 19Saturday Children's Reading: Borders 11 am, 612 E. Liberty. LYNN STROUGH, author of "Eliza's Carousel Lion," joins Borders in celebrating National Children's Book Week. 668-7652 Children's Book Reading: Little Professor 11 amnoon, 2513 Jackson Rd. Join Storytime with Bart and Kim and special guest Polar Bear. They will be reading stories about cold places. For ages 4-1 0. 662-41 10 Poetry Reading: Eastem Michigan University 7:30 pm, Room 21 3 Pray-Harrold, EMU. With exiled Chinese poet BEI DAO and special guest ALLEN GINSBERG. Dao left China after the Tiananmen Square Massacre and now teaches at U-M. 20 Sunday Children's Book Reading: Little Professor 2-3 pm, 251 3 Jackson Rd. Join NANCY SHAW, authorof "Sheep Take a Hike," in celebrating National Children's Book Week. 662-4110 Romance Book Club: Little Professor 6:30-7:30 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. Add a IrrUe romance to y our life. New members are always welcome and members receive 1 5% off group selections. 662-41 1 0 26 Saturday Children's Reading: Borders 11 am, 612 E. Liberty. Borders staff members celébrate Thanksgiving with stories, songs and crafts. 668-7652 27 Sunday Children's Book Readi ng : Little Professor 1 : 30-2:30 pm, 251 3 Jackson Rd. Join storyteller DAWN DANIELS for folkstories and songs. For ages 4-1 0. 662-41 1 0 Poetry Reading: Del Rio Bar 1:30-4:30 pm, 122 W. Washington. Join the FEEDTHE POETS GROUP foran aftemoon of poetry from the area's finest poets. There will ateo be one hour of open mike reading for those brave souls yet to achieve recognition. I riterest ed poets should contact the Del Rio for scheduling arrangements or further information. 761 -2530 Booked for Sundays Book Group: Little Professor 7-8 pm, 251 3 Jackson Rd. This month the book group will be discussing "Like Water for Chocolate" and "Enchiladas, Rice and Beans." Members receive a 1 5% discount on group selections and new members are welcome. 662-4110


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