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Catch Great, Late Night Films at The State Would you believe it if someone told you that there is a movie house in town where the audience still throws rice at the screen during sold-out late night showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?" Well, there is. It's the State Theatre - the one with the historie marquis, situated rght in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. The State regularly runs cult films and classics on weekend nights at 11:45 pm. For just three dollars a show, it's the best deal in town. In October, the State's late night features included The Rocky Horror Picture Show," The Shining," and "A Clockwork Orange." November is musical films month. Look for "This is SpinalTap," The Commitments," and Nathan J. White's The Carrier." (The last title was filmed in nearby Manchester, Michigan. You don't want to miss this film - youjust might be in it!) The Spurlin family, owners of the State Theatre, is now planning its late night lineup for the next several months. "As the years go by there's a ton of great old movies that people see and forget about," said Billie Spurlin, Jr. "What we want to do is bring these back and let everyone rediscover how great they are. We also take suggestlons, so if you haven't seen something in a while give us a cali." He cites "Diner" as an example. ín 198 1 , when the film carne out, actors Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenburg, Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, and Paul Reiser were virtually unknown. They all, since then, have climbed the path to stardom. The State now has plans underway for a 3-D film festival after the holidays. On tap so far are classic thrillers The House of Wax" and "Dial M for Murder." The State's proprietors are in the process of installing the necessary equipment to bring these classics once again to the big screen. Get ready to strap on your glasses and experience the horror! A note from the State Theatre management: We'dappreciatehearing your convnents about the "State Theatre Supplement " $3 - Students, Seniors, Children $5-Adults 'Bargain Matinees Daily I II H %-- I P n K1LUHG 101 f ff0 c, or aw i i WHÁFS I PLAYINGIN i ! NOVEMBER i DAVID MAMET'S OLEANNA STARTS FRIDAY NOV. 18 HOOPDREAMS COMING SOON CARO DIARIO COMING SOON BLUE KITE i COMING SOON I GREAT LATES I Frt & Sat Ui4S pm-Only $3 THE COMMITMENTS NOV. XI & 12 THE CARRIER Nov. IS & 19 THIS IS SPINAL TAP Nov. 25 & 26, Dec. 2 & 3 MSSSÊKTTïTnTTnTTWJJTTWfTTU


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