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People's Food Co-op

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Co-ops: The consumer-owned, democratie alternativo o People's Food Co-op isn't 150 years old, Èf" and t won't befor about another Kl f 125 years. E3ut we are part of a larger yW . tradition of cooperatively owned - „JÊL organizatiori5 and businesses that jS HirM celebrates a century-and-a-half of VCfr bringing greater democracy to ■ ■ consumere and into the workplace - Js. throughout the world. It's a tradition with values worth celebrating: % FOR PEOPLE, NOT PRIVATE PROFIT (for your needs) C0MMUNITY0WNER5HIP (you can be a co-owner) DEMOCRATIC DECI5I0N-MAKING (you can be involved) mm ' r - Lots of natural & organic edibles I -CraS k Two neighborhood stores in central Ann Arbor Open to all V uPI l 74OPackard 216 N.FourthAve. A WtïWBW (southeast of 5tate St.) (just north of downtown) %%P1 iil Open daily 10-9 761-Ö173 Sun.-FH. 9-9, Sat. 8-9 '994-9174


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