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1 Saturday Young People's Theater Llttle Professor 1 1 am-noon, 251 3 Jackson Rd. Performance e3pecially geared for small children. 662-4110 CNIdren's Readlng: Borders 11 am, 612 E. Uberty. April Fools Day fun. 668-7652 2Sunday "Kerry Tales: Mother Qoose and Torn Foolery": Kerrytown ShopsWorkbench Fumlture2pm,410N. FourthAvc.(2ndfloorchildren'3 fumiturearea). MOTHER GOOSEcontinues with rhymes, riddles and rollicking good fun. All ages welcome. 769-3115 3Monday Readlng & Book Slgnlng: Shaman Drum 7 pm, 31 5 S. State. With CRIS MAZZA, author of "Your Name Here: ." In her newest novel, Mazza challenges received attitudes about sexual harassmenL 662-7407 Poetry Readlng: Gulld House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Features Ann Arbor's DENISE KLEIN, reading excerpts from her collection of "sudden-city" prose and poetry, "Garlic Syndromes." Ateo, Ypsilanti's GARFI ELD LJNTON reads rhythmic, musical poems, ballads, and short-fiction pieces with a Caribbean edge and a tinge of magie realism. Ken Cormier, 481 -91 01 4Tuesday PublIcaUonCelebraüon: Shaman Drum 5:307:30 pm, 31 5 S. State. With RICHARD TILUNGHAST, author of the collection of poemsentitled "The Stonecutter's Hand." Tillinghast is a professor of English at U-M.This reception follows nis 4 pm reading at Rackham Amphitheater. 662-7407 Reading and B ook Slgnlng: Borders 7:30 pm, 61 2 E. Uberty. With RANDOLPH NESSE, author of "Why We Get Sick." Nesse, a U-M psychiatrrat, will talk about the field of Darwinian medicine. 668-7652 5 Wednesday Poetry Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 31 5 S. State. With JOHN SEED, British poet and historian and author of "Interior in the Open Air" and "History Labour Night." 662-7407 TFriday "First Fridays" Poetry Reading: Galerie Jacques 8:30 pm, 61 6 Wesley. Tribute to Reaclion Press featuringpoetSCOTTSCHUERreading from his latest book, "Floods, Fires and Earthquakes." 665-9889 8 Saturday Chlldren's Reading: Borders 11 am, 61 2 E. Liberty. Brothers and sisters can be reasons for rejoicing or suffering. Come hear about both sktes. 668-7652 Reception: Shaman Drum 3:30-5:30 pm, 31 5 S. State. With BARBARA TARBUCK- immediately following her 2 pm performance of "They Cali Me Dr. Greer" at the Trueblood Theater. Tarbuck, inspired by the writing of Germaine Greer, challenges our traditionally negativo attitudes about the physical and emotional effects of menopause and aging. 662-7407 9Sunday Mystery Book Club: Lltöe Professor 6:307:30 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. üttle Professor's Murder on the Second Sunday Book Group will gather around the fireplace. Group members receive 1 5% off group selectionsand new members are always welcome. 662-41 10 10 Monday Poetry Readlng: Gulld House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. DAVID BARR reads from his work-inprogre3s, "Conversations With My Dog," a tale of ignorance, chance, faith, and delibe ranee (his own word) in which the ghost of Abbie Hoffman keeps popping up to disrupt the narrative flow. Also, JAMEY KETNER presents a group production of her performance piece entitled "The Woman Next Door." Ken Cormier, 481 -91 01 llTuesday Publlcatlon Celebration: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5S. State. With ROSAMUN D BARTLETT, author of "Wagner and Russia." This book explores the immense influence of composer Richard Wagner on and 20th-century Russian writers, musicians and artists. Bartlett is a U-M professor of Slavic languages and literatures. 662-7407 Discussion: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. With DAVID MORRIS, authorof "Earth Warrior Overboard with Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society." This book is the story of one of Watson 's many voyages bent on disrupting business as usual on the high seas. Morris gives a fïrat-hand account of an antidriftnet campaign in the N. Pacific. 668-7652 12Wednesday Publlcatlon Celebratlon: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. With RICHARD CANDIDA SMfTH, author of "Utopia and Dissent Art, Poetry.and Politics nCalifornia."CándidaSmith, a U-M asst. professor of history, demonstrates the depth of influence this regional culture (from 1924 to 1 975) had on the shape of American thought 662-7407 Cooklng Discussion & Demonstra Uon: Llttle Professor 7:30-830 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. Author JOANNALUNDwi II betalkingabout and demonstrating from her newest book, "Healthy Exchanges Cookbook." 662-41 10 13 Thursday Publlcatlon Celebraüon: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5 S. State. With KAREN TICE, author of "KunaCrafts, Gendef, and the Global Economy." Tice's book explores the impact and the commercializatkm of motes (brightly colorad fabric pictures) on Kuna (Panama) society. 662-7407 Discussion & Bookslgnlng: Borders 7:30 pm, 61 2 E. LJberty. With STEPHANIE GERUS, eightyear-old author of "My Parent9 Have HIVAIDS: Some Advice from an Eight-Year-Od." Gerus will be at Borders with her mother, Kathy Gerus, and Usa Taton, a staff member of the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan. They will share their personal 3tories about living with HIW AIDS. 668-7652 15 Saturday Children's Readlng: Borders 11 am, 61 2 E. Liberty. Visit with Don Freeman's famous little toy bear, Corduroy, and hearstories about other toys. 668-7652 17 Monday Poetry Reading: Gulld House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. The highly acclaimed LAUREL FEDERBUSH brings her bittersweet, harp-accompanied epiphanies to the Guild House for a one-of-a-kind performance. Ateo, CHARLES ZWINAK reads diligently crafted poems with a fiery, animated delivery that not to be missed. Ken Cormier, 481 -91 01 19 Wednesday AMcan American Book Club: LltUe Professor 7-8 pm, 251 3 Jackson Rd. Gather around the fireplace to discuss this month's setection. Members receive 1 5% off group selections and new members are always welcome. 662-41 10 21Friday Tribute to Antonln Artaud: Galerie Jacques 8 pm, 61 6 Wesley. Tribute to Artaud-artist, poet, actor, playwright, philosopher-with readings, poems, and lecturas featuringARWULF.THOM JUREK, GLEN MANNISTO, CHRIS & GEORGE TYSH, GUY MERMIER, and JAQUES KARAMANOUKIAN. 665-9889 23 Saturday Chlldren's Readlng: Borders 11 am, 612 E. Liberty. Local author JOAN BLOSwilIreadfrom her new book, 'The Hungry Little Boy." 6687652 Storytlme: Little Professor 1 1 am-noon, 251 3 Jackson Rd. Join storyteller Patty Meador n celebrating Earth Day with stories and activities. For ages 4-10. 662-41 10 Readlng and Book Slgnlng: Little Professor 1-3 pm, 2513 Jackson Rd. With psychotherapist LEÓN LINDERMAN and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist JUDY GOLDWASSER, co-authors of "Unstuck for Words." They'll answer all your questions about writing. 662-41 10 24 Mond ay Poetry Readlng: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. REBA DEVINE reads from a poem she is currently working on entitled "WhatThe Bear Said." Devine ia legendary for her ingenious mixture of stunning language, com pelling subject matter, and haunting atmosphere. Also DECKY ALEXANDER contributes a series of original, narrativo performance pieces. Ken Cormier, 481-9101 27 Thursday Poetry Readlng: The Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. 7:30 pm, downtown Plymouth. KEN CORMIER, an Ypsilanti resident and gradúate student in Creative Writing at EMU, performs songs and stories, blending acoustic instruments, record ed music, spoken word, and frenzied movement. His material ranges from dark and creepy to wild and hilarious; from pop songs to industrial drones. 31 3-454-01 78 28Friday Publlcatlon Party: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. With KEITH TAYLOR, author of a collection of prose pieces entiöed "Ufe Science." Taylor is an award-winning poet, a creative writing instructor at U-M, and manager of Shaman Drum. 662-7407 29 Saturday Children's Readlng: Borders 11 am. 612 E. Liberty. A fresh breeze will blow through Children's Hour today to alert us to signs of spring. 668-7652 30Sunday Poetiy Readlng: Del Rlo Bar 1:30-4:30 pm, 1 22 W. Washington. Join the FEEDTHE POETS GROUP for an afternoon of poetry from the area's finest poets. There will also be one hour of open mike reading for those brave souls yet to achieve recognition. Interested poets should contact the Del Rio for scheduling arrangements or further information. 761 -2530


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