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Mk , v Bob Hefner prtlSp S REALTOR REAL% 662-1867 MATTERS XS How Not to Choose a Realtor S I) In previous columns Tve offered suggestions on "How to Choose a Realtor.81" Now some thoughts on how not to choose an agent. "I know someone who sella real estáte" - a family friend, or the spouse of a co-worker. My advice: Donl rush in. You should evalúate each agent with the same objectivity. Ask yourself íf you would feel comfortable dropping the person if things dont work out. WoukJ social politics interiore? "I found mine In the Yellow Pages." Be careful. Most realty companies are one-person f irms that are not really set up to sell homes. Instead, they manage rentáis, oversee investment properties, or handle office or industrial space. If you ask these firms, "Can you sell my house?" they're likely to say, "Yes, of courser That's because they might passively earn a commission, simply by listing the home for sale. Later you might learn that they haveni sold a house in years or that an agent isnl available weekends or evenings, when buyars are most free to look at homes. Til have slx agents worklng for me!" Or so you'll think, if you cali the agents for six houses that interest WTfk you. However, if you cali on many agents, you end up at the bottom of each person's priority list. You get much better service if . after srfc-aa ing out several agents, you work exclusively % o-J?? r with one person. St%Èm If you need help buying or selling a home or j other property, give me a cali. Perhaps I can ,M serve you or refer you to a trusted colleague.


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