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ANN ARBOR STUDENT RIGHTS cases against PREGNANT? Professional counseling on r ni , a o röh „ m medical & nursing schools. all your options. Cali Planned Parenthood. Conveniently located 2 Bedroom. D s icer attorney (313) 483.5515. 973-0155 Laundry, off-street parking, storage, wood floors. Non-smoker. Get Out of Your Head. . . -SANDRA SHEARS$650 + Utilities. 3 1 3-930-8686 And Into Your Body! Spiritual Channel, Healer, Counselor mmmmgmifflfSVm i; : THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (313) 994-0047 JiWMU Stacey Aksman PROBLEM PREGNANCY HELP ENERGY BALANCING Nationally Certifico Therapist Abortion alternatives. 769-7283. 0??!SaïïLiS?A L us ne.p you choose Ufe. „"ng Gift Certifícales Available SPORTS WINNERS! BUI ïscnemers Daily picks from top handicappers. 996-83 12 Cali before 5 pm MEET NEW PEOPLE THE FUN WAYÜ! 1-900-820-4141 ext.441 Cali the 24-hrs a day dateline Onlv $2min Touchtone nhnne Must be 1 8 THE BEST SPORTS RESULTS NOWÜ! 1-900-562-7000 ext. 2801 AoïnSSSlMS 1-900-656-6000 EXT. 1621 $2.99 per minute. Must be 18+ S Info updated every 15 minutes! Procall Co. (602)954-7420 LARGE-SIZE LADIES $2.99 per minute. Must be 18+ 1 rGDUV nATP, Ivr and the men who love them. Procall Co. (602)954-7420 1 m m 11 m New Dateline! 1-900-370-0686 ext.4 19 thïc cpAfT? rAD DüMTi rHTTAPt t-,i -r i! í "Vi u 10 Only $2min. Touchtone phone. Must be 18. IHI5 SPACt FOR RENI ! CHLAP! $2mm. Touchtone phone. Must be 18. A,,oir. mm,,r,; .om„ ni-; 1 in $2 per line. 20,000 circulation. See form. Avalon Communications (305)525-1205. AvÚm Communll-atlons (305)525-1205. JJWTfnj INSTRUCTIONS: (questions? cali 996-8018) UuyiIU l $2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). I IJ "1 j 3 ■ ' Deadline: April 24 for May publication. I ■■■■■■■ Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. 31 1 ■jijj m' Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St. ■■HMÉÉÉfl I (in back of Elmo's T-Shirts). reserves the right to reject, cancel, modify, classify. or re-classify any ad. w MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104


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