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HEALTH & WEALTH GUITAR LESSONS- Top -quality HEALING FOR WOMEN works with Environmental company teaching stretches creative & heart, body, and mind thru sound undergoing explosive growth technical limits. Ages 13+. movement and art to increase seeks individuals eager to Blake! 668-1576 energy, relieve aches, release achieve financial independence I OVF AMFRIOAN STYI F'" trauma. Cynthia 930-1858 while enhancing health of „ .. . nnr. nAc enne , L.ion people & environment. 741-1315 C '' -900-945-6100 E x t. 6387 AFRICAN TAILORING, hair braiding, mmmmmmm $2" per min' Mus c yrs ear & nose piercing all available at PREGfiJéÊsLgon MUSIC LESSONS-Most instrumcnts, 212 N. Fourthvc, 668-6944. all your optioñs. Cali Planned Parenthood. eat teafc on ,f ff;.first III KWTT „__' „., ' lesson lrceno obhgation. ÍSíSSííSSIII BPiBisifi: Oz's MUSJC, 662-3683 imctdumpkiti; íAKTTünt r PROBLEM PREGNANCY HELP INSTRUMENTS WANTED! Dead or Abortion alternatives 769-7283 THIS SPACE FOR RENT! Only $2 a line, Alive, $$$, Oz's Music. 662-3683 Let us help you choose Life. 20,000 circulation. See form below! f--- ------ ------- ------------------ -n TjrWTrTTaTT INSTRUCTIONS: (questions? cali 996-8018) UftèiH l S2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). ' f 1 1 il d 'M ' Deadline: June 21 for JulyAugust publication. ■■■■■■■ ' Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. 2t] Z i'i I Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St. ■■■ÉÜÉI (n back of Elmo's T-Shirts). reserves the right to reject, cancel, modify, classify, or re-classify any ad. MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104


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