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I RECYCLE YOUR ANTIFREEZE I Instead of flushing your antifreeze down the dra'm or hauling it away to a landfill, you can now recycle your antifreeze with a simple process that filters out the impurities and restores it to ASTM performance standards. After the filtration process is complete, chemicals are added to restore the antifreeze to its original condition. This process assures chemically correct antifreeze after recycling, regardless of its condition bef ore. It is recommended that your antifreeze be changed (recycled) every two years, since it loses ts effectiveness after two years of use. (One of the ways it loses its eftectiveness is by a build-up of acid levéis which eat away at metal parts.) $pfqc Be good to your car and the environment, and save money. 59 addiUves Jourden 's Marathon 1026 Broadway Ann Arbor 662-5552


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