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Send your Literary Events forthe Februaiy issue of AGENDA byJanuary 15 to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104. 7 Sunday Poetry Reading: Del Rio Bar 1 .30-4 30 pm, 122 W. Washington. Join the FEED THE POETS GROUP tor an aftemoon of poetry from the area's {nest poets, includingBrendaFlanagan, Daniel Carleton & Chariie Zwinack. There will also be one hour of open mike reading. Interested poets should contact the Del Rio for scheduling arrangements or further nformation. 761-2530 "Kerry Tales: Winter TaleswithMother Goose": Kerrytown Shops 2 pm, Workbench,2ndfl.,410N.FourthAve.TRUDY BULKLEY, storyteller, entertains as Mother Goose with rhymes, riddles and fun. All ages welcome. 769-31 15 8Monday Wrrters Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802Monroe.PoetryreadingbyEDWARD MORIN. Morin has had poems published in "Hudson Review," "Ploughshares," and "Michigan Quarterly Review." He has published books of poems, songs on cassette and an anthology , and has taught English at U-M. 6776839 12Friday Publication Celebration: Shaman Drum 4-6pm,315S.State.CELESTEBRUSATI, Assoc. Prof. of Art History at U-M, celebrates publication of her new book "Artifice and Illusion: The Art and Writing of Samuel Van Hoogstraten." Herexamination of the art, writing, and career of this multjfaceted artist reveáis a rich apprectarjon of one of the most often cited but least understood figures in 17th-century Dutch art. 662-7407 13 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am , 612 E. Uberty. Have a royal tíme at story hour hearing about princes and princesses. 668-7652 Book Signing & Taste Test: Borders 1 pm, 612 E. Liberty. PAMELA STOVALL, author of "Zero Proof: Two Hundred Non-Alcoholic Drinks from America's Most Famous Bars and Restaurants," will be in the café to mix non-alcoholic drinks from her book. 668-7652 15 Monday MLK Day Reading: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. KATHRYN TALALAY, archivistandeditoratthe American Academy of Arts & Letters, reads from her new book, "Composition in Black and White: The Life of Philippa Schuyler." The first critical and authorized biography ever published about this extraordinary woman, it has been hailed as "an invaluable addition to African-American biography." The tangled, obsessive, and profoundly conflicted life of Harlem's biracial musical prodkjy, who died tragicallyin 1967 at the age of 35, isrevealed with authenticity and a deep sense of humanity. 662-7407 Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802Monroe. SALEEM PEERADINA, who grew up in Bombay, is wkJely known in India as a poet, critic, teacher of creative wríting, and a TV interviewer for Doordarshan. He has two published books, "FirstOffence"and"GroupPortrait."6776839 18 Thursday Discussion & Book Signing: Borders 6:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. JOANNA V. SCOTT, professor of politica) science at EMU, will discuss "Love and Saint Augustine" by Hannah Arendt. Arendt became famous for her political masterpieces "The Ongins of Totalitarianism," "The Human Condition ," and "Eichmann inJerusalem,"butshestartedherscholarry career with an exploration, in her doctoraldissertation, of SaintAugustine's concept of caritas, or neighborly love. Scott and her collaborator, Judith C. Stark, have translated this work, making it available for the first time to Englishspeaking audiences. 668-7652 Poetry ReadingFundraiser: Shaman Drum 7:30 pm, 31 5 S. State. Local poets will readthepoetryofvarious LarJnAmerican artists in both Spanish and English. The event is a fundraiser for the video: "Sister Cities and Sister Churches 1 9861 996: A Documentary." A $5 donation is suggested and all proceeds will support production of the video documentary. Harambee Productions, Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, and the A2Juigalpa Sister City Committee are cosponsors. 668-1628 19Friday Poetry Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. LORNA GOODISON, avisiting faculty member at U-M, will read from her newest collection of poems, "To Us, All Flowers Are Roses," described by Derek Walcott as "a rooted, organic delight, true in its intonations to the Jamaican language she loves, fresh in its witand pain and in thehigh, spiritual gossip of its leaves." 662-7407 20 Saturday Children's Hour: Borden 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. 668-7652 21 Sunday Peformance: Shaman Drumcallfortime, 315 S. State. KEN CORMIER, local poet, songwriter and musician, will periorm selections from his vast, eclectic repertoire accompanied by his guitar, boombox,bodyandotherusefultools.Cormier has self-published a collection of short stories entitled "Balance Act" and has recorded an audio-cassetteentitled "God Damn Doghouse." 662-7407 22 Monday Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Poetry reading by LARRY DEAN, whose most recent chapbook is "Workers' Comp." He IKes and works in Chicago. 677-6839 23 Tuesday Publication Celebration: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5 S. State. JINDRICH TOMAN, Assoc. Prof. of Slavic Languages & Literatures at U-M, celebrates publication of his new book, "The Magie of a Common Language: Jakobson, Mathesius, Trubetzkoy, and the Prague Linguistic Circle." This work examines the historica! factors that produced the profoundly influential Prague Circle, along with the basic tenets it promulgated and the social and cultural environment in which it flounshed. 662-7407 25 Ttiiirsday Discussion: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. DINESH D'SOUZA, author of "Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus," will talk about his new book, "The End of Racism: Principies fora Multiracial Society." D'Souza argües thatthe American obsession with race is fueled by a civil rights establishment that has a vested interest in perpetuating black despondency, among other things. D'Souza s a Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Insbtute 668-7652 Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm. 315 S. State Poet author, & EMU Professor CLAYTON ESHLEMAN will read trom "Watchfiendsand RackSaeams: Works from the Final PeriodbyAntoninArtaud," which he edited and translated with Bernard Bador. The book is comprised of nine works nduding letters, poems, essays, djctations and notebook entries, along with an extensive intorductory overview of Artaud's life and work. 662-7407 26Friday Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. JEROME WASHINGTON reads from his book "Iran House: Stories f rom the Yard," winner of the 1994 Western States Book Award. His book is a testimony from Attica, an American prison where he spent 15 years surviving overt brutality and quiet soul murder. Before he was realeased and charges against him were dismissed, he won a historie Rrst Amendment lawsuit in defense of his right to write. 662-7407 27 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. We'll celébrate everyone's birthday with "A Very Merry Unbirthday ." 668-7652 28Sunday Pubi catión Celebration: Shamart Drum 3-5pm,315S. State REBECCAZURIER, Asst. Prof. of American Art at U-M, celébrales publicaron of "Metropolitan uves: The Ashcan Artists and Their New York," which she co-authored with Robert W. Snyder and Virginia M. Mecklenburg. The book examines the relationship betvrëen the artworks of the Ashcan artists and changing social concerns in New York at the turn of the century. 662-7407 29 Monday Read ing: Shaman Drum8 pm, Pendleton Room. Mich. Union. JAMAICA KINCAID will read from her new novel, "The Autobiography of My Mother." This heartwrenching novel explores the themes of sex, human relations, and theinterplayof power and powertessness that have run through the life of a 70-year-old West Indian woman. The New York Times says of her work, it is "written with passion, conviction and a musical sense of language." The reading will be followed by a reception and booksigning at Shaman Drum. 662-7407 Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Presentations by TERRY WOOTEN and BRIAN DEMPSTER. Wooten is the editor of "Stone Circle Anthology," and has published afewbooks of his own. Dempster received his MFA from U-M where he currently teaches. He has received many poetry awards, including The Academy of American Poets and the Hopwood. 677-6839


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