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Send your Literary Events tor the March issue of AGENDA by February 15 to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104. 2 Fr iday Book Signing: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5 S. State. SHELDON OANZIGER, Prof. of Social Workand Public Policy at U-M, will sign copies of "America Unequal" which he co-authored with Peter Gottschalk, Professor of Economics at Boston College. They challenge the view promoted in the Republicans' "Contract with America" that restraining governmentspendingandcuttingwelfareshould be ourtop domestic priorities. 662-7407 3 Saturday Children's Hour Borders 1 1 am. 61 2 E. Liberty. Theme: "Warming Up"-Go with us to warm places. 668-7652 4Sunday Poetry Reading: Del Rio Bar 1 30-4:30 pm, 1 22 W. Washington. Join the FEED THE POETS GROUP foran afternoon of poetry from the area's finest poets, including Jan Worth, Danny Rendleman, and Rachel Pinsky. There will also be one hour of open mike reading for those brave souls yet to achieve recognition. Interested poets should contact the Del Rio for scheduling arrangements orfurther information. 761-2530 Kerry Tales: A Mother Goose Valentine Story": Kerrytown Shops 2 pm, Workbench, 2nd fl., 410 N. Fourth Ave. TRUDY BULKLEY, storyteller, entertains as Mother Goose with rhymes, and riddles. All ages welcome. 769-3115 5 Monday Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Ypsilanti's FREDERICK MASON presents his mini-narrative poems from a book he is compiling. Also, CHARLES ZWINAK will read his energypacked poems he describes as "mostalive when read to a live audience." 913-4574 7 Wednesday Children's Book Signing: Borders 3:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. Children's authorillustrator JAN BRETT will be signing copies of her books, ncluding her newest,"ArmadilloRodeo."lllustratedingreat detail with entertaining border panels, it tells the story of Bo, a young armadillo with typically bad eyesight, who mistakes a pair of red cowboy boots for another armadillo. 668-7652 Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. JEFF N00N will read from his new novel, "Pollen." Storyline: Coyote was the best black-cab driver of all time, pickinguppassengerswhereotherswere afraid to drive. Now he's the first fatality of the Pollination, the massive cloud of pollen that has descended upon a remixed and futuristic Manchester, England. Amid vicious blooms and a soaring pollen count, people are sneezing themselves to death. Noon was the 1 994 winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for "Vurt." 668-7652 8 Thursday Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. GERSHEN KAUFMAN, clinical psychologistand professoratMichigan State, and LEV RAPHAEL, author of "Dancing on Tisha B' Av." co-authored "Coming Out of Shame: Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives." Their book examines the nature of shameand its profound impact on the emergence of a gay or lesbian identity. The authors, life partners for 1 0 years, recognize the necessity of breaking the silence around the dynamics of gay shame and offer a way to "come out" of shame and begin the process of reinventing one's life. 662-7407 9 Friday Publication Celebration: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 31 5 S. State. SHARON STEPHENS, Assistant Prof. at the U-M, celebrates publication of "Children and the Politics of Culture." The book is a collection of papers from researchers, policymakers, health professionals, educators and others concerned with child-related issues around the world. The papers examine the lack of protection of children'sfundamentalrightstophysical safety,, and other rights. 662-7407 10 S at urda y Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. The "Mouse" from LAURA NUMEROFF's book, "If You Give AMouse ACookie," will be visiting all his friends at Story Hour. 668-7652 12 Monday Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Using rtiymeand rhythms, recent BowlingGreen gradúate JORDÁN DOWUNG's poetry creates a half rap, halfsing-songmusicalsoundscape.Ann Arbor poetry Slam emcee and PlymouthCanton High School teacher LARRY FRANCIS performs his brief, intense psycho-d ramas (and perhaps some loopy toldero!). 913-4574 13 Tuesday Publ ication Celebration : Shaman Drum 4-6pm,315S.State.JOHNE.TROPMAN will be on hand to sign "The Catholic Ethic In American Society, An Exploration of Values." Trapman contrasts the Catholic ethic with the Protestant ethic and considers their differences in areas such as core concepts, central properties and illustrative attitudes. He focuses on the interplay of the differing ethics in theformation of U.S. society, values, and politics. 662-7407 16Friday Publication Celebration: Shaman Drum 4-6 pm, 315 S. State. TIMOTHY BAHTI celebrates two new books: "Ends of the Lyric: Direction and Consequence in Western Poetry" and "Jewish Writers, Germán Literatura: The Uneasy Example of Nelly Sachs and Walter Benjamin." 662-7407 17 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 61 2 E. Liberty. Detroit storyteller WILADEL SNEED JOHNSON will teil stories and lead songs commemorating "Black History Month." 668-7652 Discussion: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 31 5 S. State. NELSON LICHTENSTEIN, Prof. of History at the Univ. of Virginia, will discuss "The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit: Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor." In his research about the automobile ndustry and the can labor movement, Lichtensteinfound Reuther the most maginative and powerful trade unión leader of the past halfcentury. This stirring biography of a hero inthestruggleforeconomicjusticeprobes the question: Whatever happened to labor liberalism n America? 662-7407 19 Monday Reading and Discussion: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. RYAN EDWARDS, who hasappeared in major operatic roles in Europe and North America, will read from and talk about his new book, 'The Verdi Baritone: Studies in the Development of Dramatic Character." 668-7652 Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802Monroe.DECKYALEXANDER'soneperson dramatic works both captivate and mesmerize. Hopwood Award winner AKASHA FLUEGGE performs her free verse, drawing on an isolated upbringing in rural Michigan. She promises she will not eatworms this evening. 91 34574 20 Tuesday Performance: The Green Room 9 pm, 206 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsi. Local writer KURTLINDEMANNperformspoetryand fiction using language, physical performance, humor and imagery to draw on autobiographical and fictional observations on everything from urban politics to poverty and the being of nothingness. 482-8830 22 Thursday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. MARK WINEGARDNER will read from "The Veracruz Blues." 668-7652 23Friday Short Story Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. JANET KA'JFFMAN, EMU Prof. of English, will reaa from her collection of short stories "Places in the World a WomanCould Walk.' This book thrust this Michigan farmer to the front of her generation's concern with the business of restating the terms of literature and with the discourse on feminist issues. 662-7407 24 Saturay Children's Hour: Borders 11 am, 612 E. Liberty. Theme: What do children do "All Day Long?" 668-7652 Publication Celebration: Shaman Drum 3-5 pm, 315 S. State. CARL A. ANDERSON celebrates publication of "Athena's Epithets: TheirStructural Significance in Plays of Aristophanes." Anderson is Associate Prof. of Romance and Classical Languages at MSU. 662-7407 26 Monday Writers Series: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. The Writers Series own Coördinator, CARMEN BUGAN, will read from her own politically and emotionally charged work. Carmen s also known for her translations into her native Romanian. Winner of the 1 995 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize, DAVID SOSNOWSKI'sfirst novel "The Rapture Blues" is due to be published in hard back in 1 996 by Velard Random House. 913-4574 27 Tuesday Discussion: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. PAUL KROPP will talk about his new book, "Raising a Readen Make Your Child A Reader For Life." 668-7652 28Wednesday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. JENNIFER EGAN will read from "Emerald City and Other Stories." 6687652 29 Thursday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. GARY PAULSEN will read from "Brian's Winter." 668-7652


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