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SendyourUteraiyEventsfortheJULY issue of AGENDA by June 15 to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St, AnnArbor, Ml 48104. lSaturday Children's Hour: Borders 11am, 612 E. Liberty. Storyïme with ANNETTE BOWMAN. 668-7652 Publication Party: Shaman Drum 3-5 pm 315 S. State. U-M Asst. Prof. of English JOHN WHITTIER-FERGUSON celébrales pu blicationof"Fram ing Pieces: Designs of the Gloss in Joyce Wooff . and Pound." 662-7407 2Sunday Feed the Poets Group Series: Del Rio Bar 1:30-4:30 pm, 122 W.Washington. Join featured poets PAISLEY REKDAL, KEN CORMIER, and RENOIR GAITER. Open mie readers welcome. 761-2530 Kerty Tales: June Bugs and Mother Goose: Kerrytown 2 pm, 410 N. Fourth Ave., 2nd floor children's fumiture area. Mother Goose (TRUDY BULKLEY) entertains with rhymes, rkJdles and rollicknggoodiun. 769-3115 RabbH Ears Radio: WU0M 7:30 pm, WUOM 91 .7 FM. aassic stories tok) and accompanied by big stars! "Thumbelina" tok) by Kelly McGillis. Music by Mark Isham. 764-9210 3Monday Reading: Borden 7.30 pm, 612 E. Liberty MIKE TIDWELL wil read from his new book "Amazon Stranger," a novel about a son of Chicago missionaries assimlation into the Ecuadorian Cofan tribe and their fkjht against a big oil company that is poHuting their bnd. 6687652 Reading: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe.AnnArbornative CHRIS HOCKING wil read from his new book, "Conan and the Living Plague," as well as offer insight into his personal publishing perience.HopwoodAwardwinner.PAUL STEBLETON who has been published in 1OOs of underground magazines nationwide , will read. He ís publisher of WiTCHPENiS, known as "a post beat sheet." 9134574 4 Tuesday Ann Arbor Poetry Slam: Borders 8 pm, The Heldelberg ClubAbove, 215 N. Main. Trie top slammers of the last 1 2 months compete for prize dough and the opportunity to represent A2 at the Grand Stam in Portland, Ore., Aug. 21-24. Featured reader is JUDY KERMAN. No open mie, $3 cover. 426-3451 7Friday Book Discussion: A2 District übrary 7:30-9 pm, 343 S. Frfth Ave, Multj-purpose Room. Author and U-M EngNsh Prof. NICHOLAS DELBANCO wilf talk on "The Hopwood Awards Program and the Writer's Life." 994-2333 8 Saturday First Fridays Poetry Series: Galerie Jacques 8:30 pm, 61 6 Wesley. With Detroit poets Sisters of Color: HELENA YAGO, AURORA HARRIS and ESPERANZA CINTRÓN. The group publishes Seeds. Jacques Six Out-sider Artists show continúes through the month. 665-9889 9Sunday Reading: Shaman Drum 2 pm, 315 S. State. STEWART DAVID AKI DA will read from his novel, "What the Scarecrow Said," a book about a Japanese American f am ty that is "relocated" d u ring WW 1 1 and maintains family love and compassion. 662-7407 Rabbit Ears Radio: WUOM 7:30 pm, WUOM 91.7 FM. "Follow the Drinking Gourtf' tok) by Morgan Freeman. Music byTajMahal. 764-9210 10 Monday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. ROBBEN W. FLEMING, president of U-M during the Vietnam era, gives an account ot his life in the book 'Tempest into Rainbows: Managing Turbulence." 668-7652 Reading: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe.AnnArborpoetandfictionwriter USA MUELLER will read from current work as well as her book of poetry, "Dragon's Breath." U-M Master of Fine Arts poet KRISTIN TWITCHELL PONTORNOcelebratesherrecentgraduationbyreadingfromherlatest work. Her stories unfold in her narrathe voice that flows with images of northem Minnesota rivers and prairies. 913-4574 12 Wednesday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. SARAH ZETTEL will read from her Science Fictionnovel"Reclamation."6687652 15 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth - a doser look. 668-7652 16 Sunday Rabbit Ears Radio: WUOM 7:30 pm, WUOM 91.7 FM. "Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby" told by Danny Glover. Music by Taj Mahal. 764-9210 17 Monday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. KATHE KOI A will read from her new book "Kink." It tells of the facets of obsession, created and refractad by a three-way relationship and how it leads to possible personal transformation or moral bankruptcy. 668-7652 Reading: Shaman Drum 8 pm, 315 S. State. CAROL STACK reads f rom "Cali to Home: Afrkan Americans Reclaim the Rural South," the story of the reverse exodus thatis quietty resonating throughout the land. 668-7652 Reading: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe.CHARLENE BERELwill present her poetry, which explores the healing joumey of "traveling from disability to endless possibility." MARY REZMERSKI's spirited and hopeful poetry foouses on mysteries and transformations. She is currently working on a play commissioned by Purple Rose Theatre Art Director Guy Sanville. 913-4574 20 Thursday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. BRENDAMARSHALLwill readf rom "Mayis." Mavis is the eldest of six sisters. She is like a mother and keenly attuned, to each of them . When one sister is killed and her brother-in-law ends up dead, Mavis takes the blame for ttits act of vengeance. 668-7652 22 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. Something funny is going on. Come hearstories with a twist. 668-7652 23 Sunday Rabbit Ears Radio: WUOM 7:30 pm, WU0M 91.7 FM. "The Tailor of Gloucester" toM by Meryl Streep. Music by The Chieftains. 764-9210 24 Monday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. RICHARD FORD will read from "Independence Day." Ford's latest novel picks up with his character Frank from "The Sportswriter." Unhappy with his job, divorce, love Irte, he picks up his troubledteenagesontogovisit the sports halls of fame. The joumey provides a tuming point for Frank and the boy and a fresh start. 668-7652 Reading: Guild House 8:30 pm, 802 Monroe. Detroifs FLOWPOETS performance poetry troupe includes Metro city veterans CATRINA, MATT CLARK, SCOH KLEIN, RENEE TAMBEAU, VIEVEE, and KIM WEBB plus percussionists TIM SULLIVAN and RICHARD PERRY. 913-4574 26 Wednesday Reading: Borders 7:30 pm, 612 E. Liberty. JpHN THORNDIKE reads from his memoir "Another Way Home: A Single Father's Story." A father and son live against the backdrop of a mothers descent into schizophrenia. Discussion to follow. 668-7652 29 Saturday Children's Hour: Borders 1 1 am, 612 E. Liberty. If s summer and we have places to go and things to do. 668-7652 20 Sunday Rabbit Ears Radio: WUOM 7:30 pm, WU0M 91 .7 FM. "Howthe Leopard Got its Spots" told by Danny Glover. Music by Ladysmith Black Mombazo. 764-921 0 OFF THE PRESS ES Congratulaüons to the winners of Shaman Drums' first annual poetry contest (announced in April). First place winner was U-M Senior BICH MINH NGUYEN's "Boy Bagging Groceries in Winter." Second place went to Milan resident RICHARD E. MCMULLENfor"TheYell."Third place went to U-M Senior HOLLY SPAULDINGfor"Brigg's Meadow." Honorable menüonswentto PETER MARKUS for "The Last Summer," to MELITA SCHAUM for "Six White Horses" and to ANCA VLASOPOLOS for "Starlings."


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