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Have a respose to an article we published? AGENDA wants to know whatyou think! Send letters by the 20th day of the month preceding publication of our next issue to: Editor, AGENDA, 220 S. Main SL. Ann Arbor, Ml 48104.Pleaseincludeyouraddressandphone number (not for publication). AGENDA reserves the right to editor rejectany letter. We give preference to letters under 400 words. In regard lo your anide on the Southern Poverty Law Center campaign to boycott Borders and other booksellers who cany The Turner Dianes, I agree that neither Borders nor anyone else ought to bc able to make moncy fonn the sale of hate literature. I think such boycotts are in order. However, these writings ought not to bc suppressed by goveminent or publie bodies so that libraries should be able to carry at least one copy of each such diatri bc. Ironically, on the saine day I read your article, I received the latcst issue of "CounterPunch," a newsletier by Ken Silverstein and AlexanderCockbum, which regularlyexposes sham operators whether tliey hold office in the White House, the Congress, in environinental groups or regional poverty law centers. This issue devoted itself mostly to Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dees has long been rumored to collect huge amountsof money trom people in small contributions while spending only minute portions of it on lawsuits, while building up a huge endowmentfund and eschewing cases orcampaigns which did not seem like rewarding monetary enterprises. Cockbum has interviewed tonner employees of the Center and other joumalists who have done investigative reponing on the Center for his information. There was a mass resignation of the Center's entire legal staff in the late 1980s according to this article, partly because Dees was reluctant to deal with the legal issues of most concern to poor people. His major focus has been the Klanwatch Project, which is described as a cash cow which brought in millions. I agree with Cockbum that the Klan is a despicable group hut that today it hardiy represents a major threat to tlie country, and that for poor blacks (as well as whites) the Contract With America is a far more immediate worry. I can hardiy repeat all the information and or allegations in the story in this letter, but I want toalen readers to a less benign view (trom the left) of the SPLC and Monis Dees and urge folks to piek up a copy of the "CounterPunch," Vol. 3, No. 10, datedMay 15-31, 1996. Maybe AGENDA could also do a major investigation into tlie SPLC in the near future. In the meantime, I will inake my contributions to the National I .awyers Guild and other groups that put their efforts and energies where they are needed, not just into revenue-producing appeals.


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