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JComputer networking is the fastest growing area in the computer industry. M KTAs a Certified Network Expert you will have the certification that is in Wf demand. CNEs average $49,500yr. With your CNE certification you can ■ get a raise, a better job or start your own computer consulting company. ■ Nove,. CNE-4 Self Study Kit ,78}. . 5t leng M Payment $265 gets you started. . official CNE stud;gulde W t.GHTN.NG t@l,T E@MPÜTERS "CD-ROM W Exam softwarc More Info (&. or Call:(3 1 3)480-434 1 fgp m, ff nSend Check Orders to: 7809 Raintree Dr Ypsilanti Ml 48 1 97 "" ap I ■ HH HHH PPP'V éL Cali for a free Demo Disk! K Customer mailings to increase business Inventory control for higher proflts ■ksflH f ast end-of-day reports te!-riCj Quicker checkout Vi.(", '1 Better customer service FREE Demo & More Info @ 7S09 Raintree Dr Ypsilanti MI 48197 313-480-4341 1 Q f Improve your professional skills with Interactive CD-ROM Training Management Skills: Sales Training : All 10 CDs $499.95 Save 28% j, YouCanLead Start To Sell 5 CDs $299.95 Save 15% %Ê Keep Your Cool Sell To Needs Any 1 CD-ROM $69.95 Decide for Sure No Trust? No Sale (C Creatina Your Dream Job Connect for Success B Repacking Your Bags Relate with Ease J%E fciOMTHiHO Solt Computers 3!3-#SO-31 .__r I S# hun ,www hchtbolt com 7809 Raintree Dr Ypsilanti MI 48197 - "' 4 .T-i-B vmmmm IS SI Home Businesses Now your organization ifc Not for Profit can accept credit cards! W Mail Order Low 1.9% processing rates. Use the jf 5 Phone Orders software on your computer or rent a ' -a Internet Businesses computerterminal. Cali for all the details! f ,.& 4Í_3 I I 313-480-4341 '-- tffiMI


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