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30 easy ways to save resources, tax dollars, landfíll space, energy, and reduce pollution! Please separate these recyclables from your trash. Place loose papers in the tan "Newspapers" bin and glass, metal, milk cartons and plastic bottles in the green "Containers" bin. Your individual participation helps Ann Arbor cut its trash in half (or more)! For 24-hour information on recycling, refuse, compost, toxics and drop-off stations, cali 99-GREEN (994-7336). J0 V-v sealed plastic bag Recycle these three toxic pssss322333]55!. rCTj - materialsOUTSIDEofthe a Á M Ej? I curbside recycling buis: jp- r - - -- 41 '&f f ; HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES tfltffM I -TÍ X- J l in clear plastic baes IliliP ïï :; ::■'■ : -- - ■ ' ' ' . +:vP' ƒ f t Up at ÜUS tlíuc. i used MOTOR OIL in milk jugs , JL TOt ieCV with screw-on or taped lids f" z' te items besides bottles drained OIL FILTERS ƒ1 I flv NfJ? KS numbered 1,2,3 To dispose of other household toxics, NKs-X 0J fikjfiiK ■ rUe produCtS l cali the Washtenaw County Home Toxics 1 &0) or other tissu y j


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