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Are you looking for ways to strike back against the system? By not buying products manufactured or services rendered by slimy mega-corporations who pummel their workers into submission, you can send a message to the neo robber barons that they can't make profits off your back. Boycotts are a tried and true means of hitting greedy capitalists right in the pocket, where it hurts them most! AGENDA would liket o draw your attention to some corporate scofflaws who do not deserve your business. BridgestoneFirestone tires, now a Japanese-owned corporation, is guilty of replacing over 2,300 workers during an unfair labor practice strike in 1 994. At the present time, BridgestoneFirestone continúes to lock out 700 workers who made an unconditional offer to return to work. In addition, BridgestoneFirestone wants workers to give up paid holidays (such as Independence Day and Thanksgivingü), take pay cuts, cut health care benefits, do without basic health and safety protective measures, and to submit to goon squads who intimídate workers. BridgestoneFirestone workers, represented by the Steelworkers Union, are asking for any assistance in this struggle. A corporate campaign, including a boycott of Bridgestone Firestone tires, has been organized. To bring attention to the boycott, Steelworkers handed out thousands of black flags at the Indy 500 and US 500 races this year. The black flag is the traditional racing symbol for disqualifying acar for rules violations. The Steelworkers are also trying to inform people about Mastercare Auto Centers, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries ofFirestone. Thousands ofunion me mbers have been handbilling and picketing many of the 1,700 Mastercare facilities nationwide. The boycott BridgestoneFirestone campaign has been very successful so f ar. One example is to be found at a Saturn dealership in Des Moines, Iowa. Af ter 75 Steelworker Union members visited the dealership, the management decided to switch Firestone tires for non-Firestone tires if Saturn buyers made such a request at the time of purchase. Building on that success, the United auto Workers recently convinced all of Saturn to put other union-made tires on their new cars at the customer's request. The Steelworkers can be reached locally at (313)374-8200. BridgestoneFirestone, Inc. tire brands include: Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton, Triumph, Road King, Roadhandler (except Roadhandler Touring AS. with the code "DOT CC. . ."molded into the sidewall).


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