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Linda Wan's Perspective

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I was ncrigued and excited when my goud fricnd Lisa Powers first told me she was thinking abour holding a photography workshop for members of Aun Arbor's homeless community. What appealed to me was my feeling that this could be a powerful way for them to communicare their own storics. It could be such a pure and direct form of communication to the community at large. For those of us assisting-myself, Adrián, and Rita -who werealreadyphotographers, we found OUT Own enthusiasm for our craft renewed and refreshed as we processed che srudents' film, pnnted the pietures and heard their rhoughtful descriptions of those images. One thing I love abour. bemg a photographer ís being invited into situations and communities with which I have had little previous contact. These experiences have helped me grow as my perceptions are challenged and focused into a truer picture of this world and the people around me. The workshop students have given us an insight into their lives and in the process helped enhghten our own. Linda Wan tsan Ann Arbor-based freelance pbotogmpher whoformerly was a staffphotographer at the Ann Arbor News. Her current projeets include documenting the work of local, organic farmers. She's alsobeen very busy this summer photographmg weddings in a photojournalistic style. ALL PHOTOS AT RICHT O LINDA WAN 1 997


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