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AGENDA wants to know what you think! Send letters to: Editor, AGENDA, 220 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Please include your address and phone number (not for publication). AGENDA reserves the right to edit (for length) or reject any letter. As a resident of the Shelter and the f ounder of the Homeless Power Union (HPU) I am opposed to the $3-million shelter. The idea around having the shelter on Ellsworth is to clear the homeless out of the city limits of Ann Arbor. The HPU has been active in the past around this issue and we will do so again, homelessness is an issue that shouldn't be swept underthe rug! To understand the question of homelessness, you first must understand what the causes are. The Task Force doesn't understand this ideology. Like Amy Harpenau stated last month in her letter ("Making the Homeless 'Disappear' National Trend?"), there is a national trend happening. In Ann Arbor it's done through the Task Force, the pólice and the Merchants associations. We must clear the myths up and get the facts straight, the homeless are not the problem, it's the minds of those who don't know and understand. The fault lies in the University and the city of Ann Arbor as well as many others. The HPU understands this and is in a strengthened position to fight this every step of the way. We will lead a movement, we will maren and hold rallies and demonstrations. There needs to be a fundamental change in the shelter system, there are no easy answers to homelessness. Pushing the homeless out of downtown isn't the solution, though. But we must try and combat it. The Task Force and the city need to think long and hard about their decisión. The fight isn't over yet! The HPU can be reached in the following ways: e-mail:; or http: members. tri Bevins_ll index.html; Homeless Power Union, PO Box 4221 , Ann Arbor, Mi 481 06


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