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■t ja Edgar Galeano Domínguez NOW AVAILABLE Borders Books and Music 6 1 2 E. Liberty Jackson & Jackson Detroit, MI attn: Carlos BH? WARN.N, (3'3)209-4283 fffjlfe These are poems of death that I present to you. fff JmtY Poems that speak of the filth of humanity and ËkïjilÊÊm, WW how diastrous it is to be human. Do not see l turns darkiy lush, funny, and sparking with outrage at the them in a negative lighl, for you will be damned corrosión and machine of modern life, these lyric meditations on for the rest of your days; and if your blasphemous death, life and death-in-life frora Paraguoyan poel Edgar Galeano tongue should speak against the truth, may your Domínguez ( 1 96 1 ) suture the banal violence of the world map to mouth be covered wilh malignant sores because the private inner space of art and the dream, speaking with a rich that is what you are: malignant. eloquence to Araericans on both continents.


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