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_ . S,LSTIC,E ,. .. THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Downtown Brokerage Rrm Hiring Enjoy the Fmesi in Uve Music! Nationally Certified Customer Service Reps (two). Unique ChnstmasSeasonal Show RICK KRUPINSKI, 973-8842 Secretarial & MicroSoft skills. TomHvenson 769-0871 Evenings and weekends by appt. Mature. Professional. Motivated. The Amón CD - since 1991 - Full time. Benefits. Send a resume: Now available at Schoolkids Records ADRIAN'S T-SHIRT PRESTERY P ' Box 400 Dexter' MI 48 ' 30 CheCMMMIWMB FOlk' Ann AriX)r'S faStest & 994 X 367 WOLFF TANNING BEDS ■HEP" GAY NIENSTIffiRAPY GROUP BuvEctSaVE! THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE ,7? fí! g ' a} CommercialHome units from $199.00 &CraniosacralTherapyfor body and soul 313-97 jnsurance acccpted. Low Monthly Payments by Linda Kurtz, Certified Massage 1 Bfl!fiï5ïfcfc FREE Color Catalog Therapist. Your first visit just $25 for a ■■■■iiJjJgJPBBBBi CALL TODAY 1-800-842-1310 one-hour session. 769-4241 FEMALE NUDE MODEL . . . T t - - - - T wanted for photo project. Goodpay. "EAR CANDLING" Ear Candlescones Music Instrucüon Rentáis Repairs Easy work 973-8791 are a folk remedy for removing earwax. Cali Rehearsal Space J . jessie at 3 1 1 1 83 for appt. OZ's MUSIC, 1920 Packard & 209 S. State. YOUR AD HERE! Only $2 line. 20,000 - Open 7 daysweek. Check out our free Open circulation. Send in form below with OVR DISPLAY ADVERTISING Stages, Thursdays at 7:30 pm. 662-8283 payment or cali 996-8018 is competitively priced! Cali 996-8018. ■"FJWjrSWÏW INSTRUCTIONS: (questions? cali 996-8018) mSÜmmUmh es $2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). Y%] " 1 d 'M Deadline: NOVEMBER 21 for December publication. ■■■■■HÍJ Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. 3 Ij l Ij I w Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St J BMHHÉÉH ('n back of Main Street NewsElmo's T-Shirts). l11JJ--L1JJ-LL1Í-LLL1ÍJ-LL1JJ-LL1ÍJ-LÍi


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