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Send items for the FEBRUARY Peace & Justice Calendar by Jan. 15 to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, Ml 48104. The University of Michigan chapter of Amnesty International will host a panel discussion on issues facing refugees and asylum seekers. Speakers will include lawyer Niels Frenzen who has handled hundreds of cases for Haitian asylum seekers; Erin O'BrienCrawford, a former aid worker in refugee camps in E. África; and Yves Banda, a former Zairian refugee who is legal coördinator for Freedom Center, a temporary shelter and advocacycenterfor asylum seekers in Detroit. The panel will convene Thursday, Jan. 22 at 7 pm in the Kuenzel Room of the Mich. Union. 763-1869 Amnesty International Community Group meetsat 7 pm on the second Sunday (Jan. 1 1 ) and fourth Sunday (Jan. 25) of every month at the Guild House, 802 Monroe St. 662-51 89 Amnesty International Group 61 meetsat 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday (Jan. 13) of every month at the Mich. Union Welker Room. 668-0660 Ann Arbor Tenants Union hosts "Tenant Talk," a half-hour radio show which discusses issues of concern to local renters. Every Tuesday, 6-6:30 pm, WCBN 88.3 FM. 763-3500 Eastern Michigan University Campus Life Programs Office: The Vision Project will host a volunteer fair on Thursday, Jan. 15 at EMU's McKenny Union featuring opportunities to help out in the Ypsilanti community. 487-3045 The Spectrum Lecture Series, as part of Martin Luther King Day, presents Benjamin Carson Sr., MD, head of pediatrie neurosurgery at JohnsHopkins Hospital from 9-1 0 am at Pease Auditorium. 487-3045 The Annual Martin Luther King Jr. President's Luncheon will host Benjamin Carson Sr., M.D. at Ypsilanti Marriott and Eagle Crest Conference Center Lakeshore Ballroom. 4873045 Volunteers are needed to work with children on building academie skilis. Find out how at the Kid Konnection Kickoff at McKenny Union on Tue., Jan. 20 and Wed., Jan. 21 . 487-3045 Gray Panthers of Huron Valley invites members and friends to join for an open discussion on the organization's immediate direction via the questions: 1 . What actions are possible and feasible for our network to take on? 2. What processes and structures do we currently have, or what do we need to develop to enable such actions? The meeting is Jan. 3 at 1 0 am-noon at the A2 Senior Center, 1320 Baldwin. 663-6248 Guild House hosts "Sexual ity and Spirituality: Exploring the Connections," a discussion group for lesbians, bisexual and transgender folks facilitated by members of the 'community every Thursday, 7-8 pm at 802 Monroe St. 662-5189 Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice Jan. 4: Middle East Task Force planning meeting for Jan. 14 forum on "Peace in the Middle East" with Congresswoman Lynn Rivers, 1 :30 pm, ICPJ office, Memorial Church, 730 Tappan. 663-1870 Jan. 8: Racial & Economie Justice Task Force planning for upcoming welfare reform simulations, Peace Team trainings, and the State of the People response to the Governor's State of the State Address, 1 1 :30 pm, ICPJ office, Memorial Church, 730 Tappan. 663-1 870 Jan. 13: School of Americas Watch delégate Mary Anne Perrone, just backfrom a trip to Central America, will describe the impact of the U.S.-based school where 60,000 Latin American military have been trained in death squad tactics and torture techniques, 7:30 pm, First Baptist Church, Memorial Lounge, 512 E. Huron. 663-1870 Jan. 1 4: "Peace in the Middle East: Uncertain or Unattainable?" - with Congresswoman Lynn Ri vers and a panel of experts, 7-9 pm, 4th floor Rackham Amphitheater, 91 5 E. Washington. 663-1870 Jan. 1 6: Catch a ride to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Activist Training Summit in Pittsburgh (which is ing f oran end to nuclear weapons testing). 663-1870 Jan. 17: Second annual "Musical Celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday" Benefit for ICPJ and the Nonviolent Action for Racial Justice Coalition. Featuring Charlie King, a musical storyteller and political satirist who has been coming to town to great acclaim for many years, and Elise Bryant, a singer, actress and playwright who will perform songs of peaceand justicefrom various cultures with her ensemble. First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1 91 7 Washtenaw at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $1 0 or $1 2 at the door ($25 for benefactors). 663-1870 Jan. 20: "Discrimination Awareness Games" at 7 pm, Ann Arbor Community Center, 625 N. Main. SEED (Students Educating Each other about Discrimination) will leadthekind of training they provide f or Ann Arbor's middle schools. 6631870 Jan. 21: The Ann ArborJuigalpa Sister City Committee will plan for a new Grameen Bank-style micro-enterprise loan project in Juigalpa, 7:30 pm, Guild House, 802 Monroe. 663-1870 Jan. 22: Racial & Economie Justice Task Force will plan for community education on the local impact of state and federal policies, noon-1:30 pm, ICPJ office, Memorial Church, 730 Tappan. 663-1870 Jan. 23: Disarmament Working Group will plan community education projects on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty now before Congress. 663-1870 Jan. 24: Welfare Reform Simulation, 9:30 am-noon, St. Mary Student Parish, 331 Thompson, $5 pre-registration. 663-1870 Peace InSight will hold a video planning meeting at 8 pm on Tue., Jan. 6 at Espresso Royale Caffe, 21 4 S. Main. Have you videotaped a speaker or an e ven t on a peace, social justice or other politically progressive topic you'd like to cablecast on Peace Insight? Need some help editing? Drop by the meeting or cali and leave a message for Cindy at 761 -7749. Peace InSight's programs are cablecast on Cable Channel 9, Community Televison Network: "Reflections Facing the New Year 5758." With Jewish Liberation Theologist, Dr. Mare Ellis. 7 pm on 6 Tue., 6 pm on 9 Fri, and 2 pm on 1 1 Sun.. "Building Bridges in the Face of Hate-Part II." Tape of seminar at Temple Beth Emeth St. Clare's Episcopal Church and Bethel AME Church. Focus on f ai th-based hate groups, their local membership, and how to build lasting colalition in response to these groups. 7 pm on 1 3 Tue., 6 pm on 1 6 Fri., and 2 pm on 18 Sun. "Landmines: Get on the Ban Bus." Video of the travels of a public awareness bus from San Francisco to Ottawa. 7 pm on 20 Tue., 6 pm on 23 Fri., and 2 pm on 25 Sun. "Mobilizing to Counteract the Far Right Threat to Public Schools." Tape of Nov. 1997 talk by June Rusten of the Gray Panthers. 7 pm on 27 Tue., 6 pm on 30 Fri. Congresswoman Lynn Rivers presents a program entitled "The Civil Rights Movement: Is It Over?" with Congressman John Lewis of Georgia on Saturday, Jan. 31 from 1 1 am-1 2:30 pm at the Towsley Aud. in Washtenaw Community College's Morris Lawrence Building, 4800 E. Huron River Drive. Former SNCC leader Lewis has dedicated his life to creating "benevolent community." 741-4210 SAFE House presents "Domestic Violence: The Community Response," a series of seminars held on the second Tuesday (Jan. 1 3) of each month from noon-2 pm at SAFE House, 4100 ClarfcRd. 973-0242 2020 Vision meets Saturday, Jan. 3 at 9:30-1 1 am at 31 0 S. Ashley to discuss this month's action postcard. 20 20 Vision is a non-profit, grassroots peaceenvironmental organization which sends postcards each month to subscribers detailing one action they can do that month to save the earth or promote peace. 3321106 Welfare Rights Union works through education, advocacy and action on poverty issues. Office hours are on Fridays, 1 0:30 am-noon. 973-3031 The Ypsilanti Campaign for Equality exists specifically to support and defend the Ypsilanti City Council's intent to establish equal rights for everyone in Ypsilanti. Cali for January activities. 480-7698


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