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AGENDA wants to know what you think! Send letters to: Editor, AGENDA, 220 South Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Please include your address and phone number (not for publication). AGENDA reserves the right to edit (for length) or reject any letter. There has been, t seems, a great deal of attention given of late to the homeless sïtuation. This is as tt should be. My husband and I are both "shelter survivors," and we have experienced firsthand what it s to be homeless. What no one apparently wants to address is (according to statistics) the single largest reason so many are homeless: Substance Abuse. We have been to countless f ree meals ( so many we can recite from memory where they are each night and which ones are reputed to be etter than others), and the reason we seldom go there now is, besides having the means to feed ourselves, s that we are both heartily sick of the whining of those who, through their own lifestyle choices, are n this situation. Because they can't, or won't, give up the crack, the booze, the whatever that they allowed to overrun their lives, they now attempt to blame the woiid and everyone in it for their lives being "in the toilet." Give me a break!!! There has to come a time when one stops blaming everyone else for one's problems and assumes responsibility for one's own life. I am tired of being approached by someone with stale booze on hisher breath with "Spare some change?" I and my husband bust ourassesfor what we earn, and I am not about to give it to some pathetic drunk who thinks the world owes himher a living. Guess What, People: this world doesn't owe anybody anything. By all means, address this issue. It needs to be. But don't expect a cure. As long as substance abuse continúes, so will homelessness.


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