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Please send items for F.Y.I. to: AGENDA, 220 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, Ml 48104. Chiapas Media Project Youth Delegation The Chiapas Media Project Youth Delegation, set to travel July 27-August 7, is a delegation for youth and those who are young at heart. Delegates will visit two "Aguascalientes," autonomous indigenous villages in Mexico. The delegation will deliver video cameras and editing equipment to these communities and participants who are fluent in Spanish are invited to particípate in the workshops which will train the communities in camera usage. It will be a great opportunity for young people from the U.S. and Canada to share their experiences with indigenous youth. Several indigenous youth from Mexico City and Oaxaca will travel with the delegation and facilitate the video workshops. Members of this delegation are encouraged to bring works of art, musical instruments, and videos about their own communities to share with the indigenous communities. This will be a rare opportunity for a rich and diverse cultural exchange. The cost of the delegation is $400 (not including airfare). For more information please cali (773)583-7728 or email alex2051 News from the Ann Arbor Tenants Union The good news is that, as of May 9, the AATU office has enough staff to meet tenant needs. We're stable, we're committed to our work, and the Resist Foundation just gave us a several-thousanddollar grant! We are excited about the immediate goal of empowering tenants one phone cali at a time and the range goal of gaining power for all tenants through collective action. Finally, we are stiil active in the struggle to get the local YMCA to treat their tenants with dignity and to abide by the law. The bad news is that for much of the last year, it has been all we could do to answer the phones. We've been swamped with calis and extremely understaffed. The AATU co-coordinator, Katy Mattingly, only joined the office in March, and our worfc-study intems started mid-May. Before March, it was a few volunteers and myself as a half-time coördinator. At this point, we are in desperate need of money in order to keep our doors open and our phome lines staffed. For the past 30 years, the Tenants Union has expanded and defended tenant rights and protections. We have been able to do so in large part because you have given generously of your time and your money. Please help us stay true to our central mission of empowering tenants and give at this time. If you're unable to give at this time, consider hosting a garage sale and donating the proceeds to us. Or, dónate stuff for our garage sale later this summer. We'd be happy to piek up anything you have; just give us a cali at 936-3076. We love our work and want to be here for the next thirty years. Thank you for your support. For more information, contact: Ann Arbor Tenants Union co MSA, 3909 Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1349 Gay Youth Picnic a Success Despite Anti-Gay Phone Calis A coalition of community-based organizations carne together to hold a picnic for gay teens Sunday, June 1 4, on the front lawn of Ozone House Youth & Family Services. Twenty-five young people between the ages of 14 and 18, carne from Ann Arbor, Ypsilantj, Ptymouth and othertowns in Southeast Michigan for the rare opporunitytosocializeinasafe place. One participant said, "I wish we could have this every week, because gay kids don't have anywhere to go where we can just be ourselves." NTanya Lee, the Community Education Coördinator at Ozone House, had the dea for the picnic, she says, because "it's so disturbing, the number of young people who come to Ozone House for help because mom or dad kicked them out of the house or abused them, just for being gay. They come from all walks of life, but one thing they all have in common is that they need to know that they are not alone and that there are adults who won't iudge them." Ozone House received a number of harrassing, anti-gay phone calis the week bef ore the picnic. After f our such phone calis, staff became concemed for the safety of the youth at the event and notified the pólice of possible harrassment or violence at the picnic. None occurred and the picnic went on as planned. FormoreinformationaboutOzone House, cali 662-2265; or to reach their Crisis Line, 662-2222. SOS Needs You! Volunteer and make a difference! Help a homeless family find shelter, feed a hungry child, be a listening ear. SOS Community Services of Ypsilanti needs you. For more information cali Julie or Donna at 486-8730.


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