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Poetry: "As Thy Day Is, So Thy Strength Shall Be"

Poetry: "As Thy Day Is, So Thy Strength Shall Be" image
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The title echoes Deuteronomy 33:25. The first and last (of four) stanzas are excerpted here.

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Pilgrim! toiling feebly on, Smitten by tho torrid sun - Hoping: for the cooling rain, Looking for the shade in vain; Travel-worn and Faint at heart, Weak and weary as thou art, Let thy spirit not repine, Shade and shelter shall be thine; Friendly Iiands to thee shall bring Water from the cooling spring, And the voice thou lovest beBt Cnll the wanderer to his rest! Christian! toiling for the prize Kept for thee bevond the skies- - Warring with the powers of sin, Foes without and foes wilhin- Breathing now in rapture's air, Verging then upon de6pair - Trernbling, lioping, filled with pain, Yet rojoicing once agair; Shrink not from life's bitter cup, God shall bear thy spirit up - He shall lead Ihee ealely on Till the ark of rest is won - TiJl thy ppirit is set free: "As thy day,thy strenglh shall be !"