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War A Proof That Statesmen Lack Commonsense

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metic, or were more accustomed to calculation, wars wonld be much less frequent. I am confident thnt Canada might have beon purchased from France, for a tenth part of the money spent in the conquest of it, and if, in slead of fighting i,s for the power to tax us, ehe had kept us in good humor by allowing us dispose of our inoney, and now and then g'ivmg us a little of hers by way of donation o colleges or hospitals, for cntting oanals or fortifying posts.she inicrht easily have dra vn rom Us much moro by occasional grants and ontribution, than everphe could by taxos. - Sensible people ttill wive a bucket of ivater to dry putup, that they may afterwards gel rom it all they may have occasion for. Her minislry were deficiënt in common sense; and o they spcnt somo êGOO,000,000, and after 11 lost what they contended for .--Sen;. ?ra7iklin. (tT5" Knowledge is power.


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