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Who Gets The Money Wasted In War?

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Whn Maine was mustering her foïces for the border conflict, she sent a man to Boston for thepurchase ofprovisTons. which ho boughí as a premium on lus vanity in vaunting himselfas the agent of a Sfate on the eve of war. at a large adtance on the market price, and then chörged nearly $700 föf services which occtípíed about ono weck! But ttie Florida war caps the climax. The late "William Ladd, when on a totir to Washington, learned from spme of his fcllow t'raveliers, just returned from Florida, that the corn dealt out tliore to the horscs in the service oftheUnifed States, cöst an average ofone cent a kerneí? - Another gentlemajliimsel f the gaínci-, told him, that an"o1d schooner, which cost him only -SI 100, was chartered to carry provisions iVorn Charleston to Florida, for the army; but not being imfnediatcly wanted, the vessel renïainecl at anchor with the allowance of 850 a day. - After it had continued therëaLthis rate for hvo or threc months, long" énöugh topay for tbo vessel itself severa! times over, he purcliased another to euaploy ífl tho same service, and was, at the time of the interview, reaping the profits of siich enof'moüs charges In another case, the owner of an old steamboat, wanfed for somc special service, ofiered to sell her for $11.000, but the agente of the governmënt declinad the ofler, and emplo)',ed tbc vessel till tliey had paid for her tisc nearly $200,000! Mr. Ladd, on visiting Washington, mentioned to one of the Auditors, some facts of tb. ís sort, as illustrations of whát the war in Florida was hut the Auditor shook liis head significántly, and said, 'You have not got ai the whoie truth, by any means. I unuerstaiid it, for the money all goes through my department, and the country would be astoundöd at the waste of money in that war." In fact, the war in Florida was continued foi'the special benefit ofthose who Vcrc making niohey out of it Every body in the vicinity knows ihis; and it was asserted even in administraron papers of the day, that men, actually furnished the Indians with afms and


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