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The vote of Lenawee County stands for Barry 1913, for Pitcher 1260, for Birney 196, for Porter 164. The vote of Lenawee last year was 147. The average Liberty vote of St. Joseph County was 110. The vote of this county and Lenawee added to the aggregate we gave last week, makes the total from the counties heard from, 2513. The whole vote of the State, we think, will araount to nearly 2700. The following is an official statement of the votes given in the First District, at the late election, for the gentlemen named, as candidates for Congress. Dem. Whig. Abolition. McClelland. Howard. Porter.Hillsdale, 776 550 187 Lenawee, 1897 1275 184 Washtenaw, 1851 1686 295 Monroe, 1181 481 31 Wayne, 2167 1503 132 7862 5495 829 We must urge upon our fricndsto make vigorous efforts to secure what Alvan Stewart calis the "Town Power"- that is, a permanent Liberty majority in a town, so that it shall be known and recognized habitually as a Liberty town. - Many towns in this state afford ampie encouragement. We will subjoin the vote in a few as a specimen. Dem. Whig. Liberty. White Lake, 35 3 18 Lyons, 77 47 53 Highland, 40 7 22 Commerce, 87 17 19 Rives, 21 10 43 Springport, 24 15 16 Union, 37 12 35 London, 39 5 21 These and many more towns can soon be carried by systematic, persevering efforts.


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