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The Boston Atlas gives complete returns of the Representatives elected thus far. They stand 176 Whig, 125 Democratie and 108 no choice. Last year,176 Whig,176 Democratie and 56 no choice. There is some doubt still how many Senators have been elected by the people. The Atlas thinks the most probable result is 11 Whigs and 3 Locofocos - in all 14 only, leaving 28 vacancies, which will also be filled by Whigs, as the House is Whfc.The "Scatteration vote" is put down by the Boston Post at upwards of 9,000, bcing a gain on last year of nearly 3,000. All of these except about 100 are supposed to be Liberty votes. In many towns. the Liberty party has the ascendency. - Thus in Salisbury, the vote rose from 51 to 110, and on thesecond day the Whigs and Democrats votea not to send. In Georgetown the vote stood, Liberty, 133, Whig, 86, Democratie 73. Our Whig friends are every where complaining that the Liberty party is adverse to them, and henee they say we are uniting with the Democrats for their destruction. The truth is. we pursue a uniform course, without favor or partiality for eitber; for, as wehavesaid ahundred times, we do not think either party worthy to be sustained. An evidence of our impartiality is found in this election. Will our Whig friends look at it? Last year the Whig members of the House numbered 176, the Democrais 176, no choice 56. - This year the Whigs have precisely the same number as the last, showing the Liberty party has been no injury tothem, while the Democrats have fallen down to 125 members,no choice 108. Why have the Democrats lost 51 members? So far as the Liberty party has exerted any influence, it would seem to have been decidedly adverse to the Democrats. The following from the Emancipator, contains gpod advice to all Liberty men. We have nothing to do with theother parties only to let them alone. "One important result of the election is, to narrow down the contest at the next Presidential election. The electoral vote of Massachusetts now liesbetween James G. Birneyand Henry Clay. Unlessthe people choose Liberty electors next fall, the Legislature will choose Clay electors. Every vote given for any other than Birney's ticket, is a vote for Clay. The Democratie candidate is out of the case, and the Democratie party in Massachusetts may govern thcmselves accordingly. They must manage their own affairs as they think best The course of the Liberty party is straight forward, just as it would be were the Whig party in the same predicament Next Monda ƒ' there will be another and final trial in several of the defeated towns, to choose representatives. We have only one word to say to our friends - and that is, keep straight along and do all yoju can to return true Liberty men. We háve nothing to do with the other parties only to let them alone. It is no object to us to defeat the Whigs by strengthening the Democrats, any more than it is to crush the Democrais by helping the Whigs. Make no bargains - no pledges. It is their business to att?nd to their party interests, without our interfererice. Our candidates should make no bargains, no pledges, such as agreeing to support one of the other parties in all measures not cooflicting with the Liberty .party. All such bargains are embarrassing and ensnaring, and give occasion to suspicions. Remember, that we are a party, and should stand impartial between the other parties, and that all the strength given to either ofthem is only prolonging the struggle."


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