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O'connell And Repeal

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Our last exchanges bnng us U'Oon noli's reply to the CincinnatiRepealers in full. It seems that what we publislied was but a portion qL it; but as it had a proper beginning and conclusión, we supposed it was the whole document. - However it comprises the most material parts of it. It is being published quite extensively. It was read at a full meeting of the Cincinnati Repeal Association. Thee Weekly Herald says: "The Court House was full. When we reacbed there, the Secretary was reading O'Connell's letter. The first thintr we remarked was, the disposition ofthe people to applaud the sentiments of the writer. It was a scathing letter- but, its severest objurgation of recreant Irishmen was listened to with profound attention and respect, while its denunciations of slavery were frequently cheered. The portion of it justifying by the argumentum ad hominem, the escaping slave in seizing a horse or boat to aid his flight, was applauded by shouts of laughter. - Suffice it to say, O'Connell abtained a victory. Not a soul in that house dared breathe upon his fair fame. One man undertook in a tone of complaint to repeat certain epithets applied by O'Connell last summer, to the apolgists of slavery, but sticks began to rattle, and one loud and continued "hurrah! for O'Connel," mingled with hisses, warned the unlucky wight that he had perpetrated a bunder." Resolutions were then adopted by acclamation,.highly complimentary O'Connell. and full of zeal for old Ireland.O'Connell will now stand higher than ever in the estimation of philanthropists andstatesmen. His unvvavering fidelity to the cause of universal freedöra has gained him the confidence of the friends of Liberty every where, wbile the firmness with which he has resisted all attempts to draw him into violent resistance to the Government, demonstrates that wh ether he shall be successful in achieving the liberties of Ireland or not, he has the first indispensable requisite for a political leader - the ability to persevere in his plans without being influenced by the complaints of frjends, or the insulting taunts of enemies.


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