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Gov. Seward And Slavery

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Some persons having entertained a mistaken soliciiude respecting the antialavery bia of Gov. Seward, he wrote a letter just beforo olection, dated Auburn Nov. 4, setting tbc public right on this matter. It seems hels on anti-alavtry Clay Whig-&t my ra' e, he professes ío be öucli. He says: ."Yoü are therefore at liberty to pubhsh in ahy wny you think proper, that wbe I d here, and expect to adhere as long as I live t my published principies and sentiments cón cerning Slavery, Tstill adhere just as firmlv and expect to adhere just os hng to the Whig party nnd jts condidates, tbrouah all changes of time and circurnstanceB. "shall do this for the simple reason, tlmt I regard the Whig party as thepRrty thtongh whose action wi?e ineasnres and lentficent lecisla tion must cliiefly be eecured." He. then states that he was the author of a recommendation, iesned by the Slate Whig Committce, to Ihe Whig delégales to the National Convention to vote for Mr. Clay- . and that recommendation was isaued at bi stiygestion and in his Janguage.


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