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Amendment To The Constitution

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-Theproposed amendment to the Conslitution, wbich was adopted by the Legislaturas of 1842 43, and submitted to the people at the ate election for final action, hus been ratified by nn overwhelming majority, probably by en to one of those who voted upon it. The folio wing, therefore ís now a part of the Constitution of Michigan: "Every hw authorizing the borroiving of money, or the sumg of State siocks, wherey a debt sliall be created on the credit of the State, shnü specify the object for wbich the Tioney i-hall be appropriated, and every euch aw sha 11 embrace no more tlian one object, vlnch shall be ññgjy and specifically etated; aid no fltich lnw shall tnke effect until it sha'í be submitled totbe people atthe next general elección, and be approved by a majority of he votes cast for or against it, at such elecion; nll nioney tr be faised by the anthority of such lav, shull bonpplied tothe specific obect stíiterl in s:ich íaw and to no other pnr)ose. except tiie poynient of stich debt tfiereby created or increased. TJiia provisión ehall iot extond orapply to any law lo raise mnney for defráying the actual expensos of the Lerislative, the Judicial, and State officers; for suporefsing insunection, repelling invasión,


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