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Cass County: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Agreeably to request, Í hereby furnish the rcsult Of our eleclion, as near as ascertuined. It can be coutrasted with 1841, which was for Liberty from 7 to 0 vote?; this year fronj 53 to 60. Our whig neighbors complain that we Bre working agauist the interest of the lave; ifso, T tin'nk they who make such fair prelensions to benefit the 6Íave will pardon us, for 1 feel assured for one, ihat the mass of the Liberty party act from principie full as rouch as eilherofthe pro-slavery parties. I cannot conceive how a true Itepublican can conscientiously support a &)aveholder directly or indirectly, and much more one who is known to be a duellist, (t appears evident that Borne disregard their own interest of the North, for the idea is prevaletit among all parties, that we have been duped nnd swindled by the South, and fhat the Liberty party is bringing forward subjects that hiwelong been neglected, and are of vital importance to the North, and that líiey. as a party, are, as it were, the solt of the earth, and are struggling in a rightous cause, and will ukimately succeed. To desire oiBce is not criminul, btit to change one's political position or to retain it tnerely for ofBce, when convinced of his error, ís degrading to persons of every station. Some have fallen back that wered fully determined to stem the tide of oppoeition, alledging that their favorite party have fceen abused hy some editorial remarles in the Signal of Liberty. To such it may juslly be aid, do right, andifothers more foiward in , the rnnks lo wrong-, rebuke them kindly, and ■show them their faults, considering we are uil Hable to err. It has been repeatedly and ■confidentially a&íerted that one of the editors ■of the Signa! of Liberiy uniformiy votes the Locofoco ticket, notwithstanding his zeal in the Liberty cause. I ara unwiliing to credit the asserüon, and hope the facts will be publicJyknown. W. C. REMAR.K The slander that either of the Editors of the Signal advocates the claims of a political party,and yet votes for its direct antagonist, would scarcely be worth denying, were it not that some persons are simple ■enough to believe such reports without the least particle of proof. This story is utterlyuntrue. Andsincesome individuals seem to have a great curiosity respecting the former political courseof the Editors, we have no objection io state our experience for their special gratification. One of the Editora voted for Martin Van Buren in 1836, whieh is the only time that he has ever voted a Democratie ticket for any office. The other never voted a Democratie ticket, bui so far as he supported either party, he acted with the Whigs until 1840, Both the Editors voted the Liberty ticket that year, and every year since, at all elections, for every office, and expect to do so until Slavery shall be abolished. CG?" The Whig vote for Governor in Cass County was 531, Democratie 510, Liberty 55. The vote for Bement, for Congress was 60: for Hinckley and EJliöt for Representativos, 54 and 53, for Crumb and East, Coroners, 55 and 27. - Last year the Libërty vote was 10 or 11. Thus it "dies away''!{$5 We learn thát Chdrr who was convicted of murder last week, is to have a new trial bëfdr'e the Circuit Couriduring the present month. {tí?" The Liberty vote in Vari Buren County was eleven. The Democratie majority is reported at 99. Ann Arbór, Dec. 2, 1843. Plour has fallen a little in New York. Ñov. 24j Michigan sold for $4,50, ith a prospect of furtherdecliüe. Wheát in our village brings 57 cents; while ílour retails at $3,25.


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