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From the last arrival we gather the following items. In the London electiön, for the choice of a Membef of Parlianieht in place of Sir Matthew Wood, Mr. Pattison, the anti-ministerial, and anti-corn law candidate, was chösen by a majority of 165 votes, over Mr. Baring, the Ministerial, and Conservativo candidate Sir Robert Peêlj the Premier has been making a great speech at Tamworth on practical farming The speech sounds the approach of great and speedy changes in what is called "prötection to agri culture." The is no direct allusiön to the Corn Laws, but his earnest exhortation to all engaged inhusbandr'y td depend upon themselves alone. O'Connel has issued a new address to the people of Ireland, breathing a dauntless spirit. At a meeting in St. Audeon's Ward, on Monday, he made the following declaration: lGive me six months of perfect peace. and Pllgiveyou my head on a block, if at the end of that time you have not a Parliament ín College Green!" At the first meeting in Conciliation Hall Mr. O'Connel began thus - I wish that the first sentence whtch I have to utter in this Conciliation hall, formed now as it is into an assembly. shall be the truth, that there is but one way to obtain the repeal of the Union, and that is by strictly peacable means. - Cheere. My second sentence, and the only one I shall utter before I hand in moneyj isthat the Repeal is certain." (Deafening applause.) The repeal movement is still going rapidly forward - and its coffers are swelled weekly by thousands of pounds. The country is extensively occupied by troops, ready to oppose any rebellious movement at the outset, The trial of O'Connell and other repeal era, arrest ed, was about to take place. Judge Burton had delivered his charge to the Grand Jury, the general tone of which is decidedly in favor of the charges which have been preferred by the Government against Mr. O'Connell and the rest of the repealers, for Lconspiracy and other misdemeanors." As the Judge is what is termed a "constitutional lawyer," the tone of his charge has somewhat alarmed the repeal party. The indictments, it is ■ said, covered 37 pages of parchment - and occupied seventy hours in reading. Daniel O'Connell was to defend his own cause - and it was thought that Sir Robert Peel, the Duke of Wellington, and other distinguished members of the Government, would be summoned as witnesses. Matters appear more peaceable in Wales, where a special commission has been opened for the trial of the parties connected with the late Rebecca riots. - The proceedings occupied three days. - One of the ringleaders was found guilty, and sentenced to twenty year's transportation; the others to small terms of i imprisonment. The puuishments have all [ been mild, with the exception of the principal oíTender.The Quecn has paid a visit to Cambridge, where she has been received by the learned gownsmen with every demonstration of loyalty. The University conferred upon her consort the honorary distinction of Doctor in Civil Law.


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