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Paris, Oct, 31st, 1843. The King Was Seventy Years Old On...

Paris, Oct, 31st, 1843. The King Was Seventy Years Old On... image
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Paris, Oct, 31st', 1843. The King was seventy yëars o'ld on the 6th, and is the first of the BötiVbdTi race who ever attained so advanced an age. He can hut congratúlate himself on the state of tranquility and prospérty which he has brought about by his wisdom and capacity to govern. The marriages of his children have united his family with those of the most powerful sovereigns in the world. No attempts have been made of late to assassinate him. The ancient nobiliiy are returning toiourt, ana me Government and pcople are rivalling each other in efforts of national amelioration. The construction of long lines of rail roads can but give an impulse, to commerce, and never in m v humblc opinión, did France seem destined to enjoy such an unrivalled degree of prosperity, power and grandeur. Gen. Boy er, the Ex-President of Hayti, with his mother, nephew, and children, are at the hotel Victoria. His wife died on the passage here, and he lias secluded himself since his arrival, although the most marked and flattering attentions have been paid him, by those of the Ministers who are in Paris. All of them have called on him in person and one of the objects of the mission now fitting out to Hayti, is to endeavor to procure him a pension. As he is almost jet black, this seems rather strange to an American, but color malees no difierence here. The first French dramatist, Axandre Dumas, is a full blooded mulatto, y et he is received at Court, and wears sonie half dozen decorations - and at the law and medical lectures the shades are as varied as at a meeting at the Marlborough Chapel, much to the dissatisfaciion of the students from our Southern States.Mr. Burke's View op the Necessity op Party Organization. - Whilst men are linked together, they easily and speedily communicate the alarm of any evil design. They are enabled to fathom it with common counsel, and to oppose it with united strength. Whereas, when they liedispersed, without concert, order, or discipline,, communication is uncertain, counsel difficult, and resistance impracticable. Whcre men are not acquainted with óther's talents, nor at all practised in their mutual habitudes and dispositions by joint efForts in business, no personal coafidence, no fríendship, no common interest, subsisting among them, it is evidently impossible that they can act a public part with uniformity, perseverance, or efficiency. In a connexion, the most inconsïderable man, by adding to the weight of the whole, has his valué, and his use; out of it, the greatest talents are wholly unserviceable to the public. No man, who is not inflamed by vain glory into enthusiasm, can flatter himself that his single unsupported, desultory, unsystematic endeavors, are of power to defeat the subtle designs and united cabals of ambitious citizens. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they willfall, one by one, an unpitied sácrifice in a contempUble struggle. Clihiese Dandi. - Tjie following description of a Chinese exquisite, is from n new work on China, hy P. Dobe!, formerly Russian Consn] to China, who has been a resident in that country for mnny years:"His dress is composed of crapps and silks of great price, his feet are covered with hio-h heeled boots of the most beautiful Nankinsulin and his legs are encased in guiters richly embroidered, and reach to the knee. ■ Add to this an acorned ehaped cap of the latest style, elegant pipe richly ornamented, in which burns the purest tobáceo of the Fo-Kien, an English watch, a tooth-pick suspended to a button by a string of pénrls, a Nankin fan, cxhalipg the perfume of th'e teholane, (a Chinesp fiower) and you will hnve an exact idea of a Chinese dandy. The Chinese dandy, like dandies of all times and countries, is se riously occnpied with trifles. He belongs either to the Quail club Or thè Cricket club. Like the ancient Romans, the Chinese train quaits, quarrelsome birds, iritrepid duèllists, whose combats form the subject of senseless wagers. In imitation of the rich, thè poorer Chinese place at the bottom of an èarthen veseel two field crickets. These insects ihey excite and provoke until they grow angry, attack each öther, and the narrovv field of battle is soon strewed With the clatt-s, atitennea and corslels. There is bet ween thé Chinese and old Romans all the difference that tliêre is between the combats of the crickets, ánd the terrible combats of the gladiators.Proleciion of Coloréd Scamai.The Governor and Conncil of MasBócIiuseUs have oppointed Messrs. John A. Maybin, of N. Orleansnnd R. F.Hunt, of Charleston, ngents for that commonwealth under a resolve of last winter, to represent the rights of coJored citizens of Masechnsetts who may be restrained in those porte when arriving there as seamen 'vith power (o test the question before the Ü. S. Supreme Court. A great injostice is done to therchahts and ship owners, by iniprisoning and delaining coJored seamen, until the vessel sails. Tlie resölve was Uie rê?ult of a pétitiori frora the most respectabJe ship owncMs of Boston, nríd has no relation to tho queslion of abuïition. The agents seïected 'are said to be gentlemen of elevated and philanthfopic charactcr.- Journal of Commcrce. SuhsiituUfor Cream.- Beat up the whole of ufresh egg in a basinf, and ihen pöiir boilfïïg tea over it gradually, to prevent its curdluig. In flavor and richness, thi? preparation closely resembles cream ;Inoeuiaíing Cheese What will the ing-enuity of man not contrive? A roéíhod has boen disco vered of lnoculating Cheese: orín other words, of transposing the ciiaracter Of n oíd chtese int o a. new one. This ratber curious idea is bronght forward ín a communication to the Agriculiufal Journal, by Jolm Robison, Esq. Secretaryof the Royal Society; of Edmburgh. 'If it be required,' ssys hfi, 'to communicate to a cheese Ihe flavor and appearance of an oíd one, it may be done by the insertion m the new chcese of proporions ofthe oíd one containing the blue mould. - The little ecoop which s nsed ín samplea of cheese, is a ready means of performing the operntion by changingten or a dezen rolls which it extracte, and placaig them to diFseminate the germ of the blue mould all over the cheese. 'A new Stilton cheese treated in this way and well covered up from the air a few weeks becomes thoroughly impregnated with the mould, and generally with a flavor not to be distingnished from the old one. I haye eometimes treated half a Lancaster cheese in this way have left the othor half in its natural state, and have been much amused with the remarks of our friends on the striking euperiority of the English cheese over the Scotch one.Jr this ïnsreiuous plnn be found really eucceeful on repeatcd trials by others, Mr. Robison wil] deserve our thnnks for bringing t forward. The next invention we sholl hear of will probablybe that of noculating Jeg-s of matton, and turning them into beef. - Maine Farmer. Riglts of Sv ff ra ge in Ohio.- The Villa ge Register, Salet, Ohio, gives an account of a decisión on tbe nght of suffrage, in the court of that county: "A man immed West, of Green township, in thib county, of a dark complexión, and apparenlly somewhat mixed with .A frican blood, was not permitted to poll a vote in 1842, and had sued the Judges of the Elecüon, It appeared in cvidence that his father was a white man, and his mother a mulatto. The counsel for the plaintiff showed that the decisión of the Supreme Court of Ohio recognized the right of all persons more ihan half tchite , te all the rights of citizenship. It was admitted on the side of the defendents, that the presumption should alwnys bc, that an oppücant at the polls was entítled to a vote till tht contrary was made to ajrpear: yei the decisión of the jury was that theie was no caus for action." According to this it becomes the citizens o! Ohio lo wear white complexión?, for it may b( difficiilt to prove in all case3 ones white origin even though his blood ïiiay be as immaeulat ns the purest. Such decisions render ridicu. lous the jnry that makes them. - J Y. Tri bune. Frederika Brevier. - The celeb;ated Swedisb lady, admired thronghout the reading world as the authoress of ihe beauüful seriei ofworks - 'The Neighbors,' 'Nina,f Sic. ha; been lately visited by one of Ihe Editors of the N. V. Express, who is now travelling in Eu rope. He speaks of her in strohg terms 01 eulogy, as a gifted and admirable woman. - She spoke in language of admiration of America, but took occasion to condenm warmly the frightful anomalv of our Sjcavkry, as a sin and scandal. It is indeed a cnrious fact thal nearly every foreign attthor who is popular it the United States is an ultra abolitionist. - Essex Transcript. The foreign correspondent of tjie Ñew England Puritan, wrtingTrom Rome under date of April, 6tates that the top of the renowned Torpeian Rock of Roman history is now occupifed for a garden--the Palace of the Ciesars is owned by a rope-spinuer, and used for röpë-Walks- whilst the Forum, where was thüridered fórth thé eloqnence of Cicero - The Forum, where the imniortnl accentè glow, And the eloquent air breathes, hurns with Cicero" is now a cow market! What a satire on human pride and greatriess, is thus traced by the finger of time! The buil flghts in Spain continue to be a principal source of amusement; and it is said that no political party in the ascendent dares risk its popülarity in negleeting to provide for this old national entertainment. It has always been iiumerously and eagerly attënded: Ldw. - Home Toobe used iö pay that law in his opinión oüght not to bè a luxufy for therich,but aremedyfor the poor. Whén told that the courts of justice were open to all, he replied-i-"So is ihe London Tavè'rri to such as cari páy for entertainment." Chedp eriough Indeed.- Á Mr. Jones, of the Bowery, I?. Y. offers to clothe gentlemen for one hundred dollars - pèraimum, giving them four suits ofclothes, each cönsisting of 'one dress or frock coat, two pairs of pantaloons, and two vests. As the newspapers eay- comment is needless.Jonathan Swain, a íjtiaker, ivas sumrhoned before the grand jury of Union countr, ín diana, but refused, on gronnds of conscience, to bë Bwörn or affirmed. Judge Perry or. dered him to jai!, there to remaih uniil he would consent to affirm, or be otherwise diacharged. The Vanzandt Case. - We learn (liat Governor Seward Í3 to appear as one of the coun - sel ín the case of Vanzandt, which is to come before the Suprcine Curt, at its next session. Week before last a number ofBears weie seon in Ihis vicinily. One was killed which, when dressed. werg-hed 290 Ibs. The meat sold readilyat 8 cents. - Geiu í)cm. Without female society, it has been justly snid, thát the beginiiing of men's lives Would be helplesé, the middíc without p'leasürey the end without comfort. The Tremont Insurance Conipany have decJared a sonii-aunual dividend of twenly per cent., pagable on demand.The following paragraph is from the 1 pen of Michael Walsh, one of the 'un[ lerrified democracy' of the city of New York. Speaking of the nominating committee of the Tammany party in 1841,he says: 'Three of them have been since sent to the State prison for burglary; eleven to the Penitentiary for petty thefts; three committed suicide; óne lives round the Tombs, by swearing men were in Ohio when they committed. crimes in this city; another died of delirium tremens on the Five Points; and nine have been convicted and fined for playing thimbles on race courses. ' - Liberator. Population of Franco. - The population of Franceas shown by the census taken a short time ago, amounts to 34,494,975. The late census, in 1836, gave 33,450,910. The department of Seine contains upwards of 1,000,000. It would appear that in lessthan a century and a half, the population of France has beennearly doubled, but this augmentation has been very slow indeed as compared with what takes place in Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, andeven Russia. QJThe financial resources oflhe State of 'New York may be thus stated in round nninbers. Tbe next revenue of uil lier Canals, over the cost of maintenance and superintendence, is $1,500,000; her revenne from auction duties is $200,000; o ml her revenue from the Salt duty is $100,000; in all $1,COO.000 - equal to a capital at 6 per cent. of $30,000,000 The total debí of the State is $2S,500,000.- Cm. Gaz. The Bladc Circular.- The Columbia South CaroUnian of the 19th inst. says: "We have private information which leaves no doubt tliat the British Government have despatched a circular to its different consuls in the Southern States, calling ou them for full and minute information reepecting the slaves in those States, their number,treatment, condiiion, fee." Recipe for making Ci stern Cement. - ABhes two parts, three parts clay, one part sand, mixed with oil, will make a cement as hard as marbíe, and impenetrable by water for ever. Is THE LIBERTY PARTY MADE UP FROM the Whig ranks only'? - Look and see. In Massachusetts, the tovvns heard from thus far, gave last year 101,026 votes; this year 103,658 - Increase 2,632. In these towns, the whigs have gained 2890 - the Democrats have lost 2,422 - the Liberty vote has gained 2,164. How much do the Whigs in Massachusetts sympathize with Liberty?- Countryman.(LCincinnati continúes to grow with al, most ünparelleled rapidity. There have been erccfed in that city during t'ie present year, 267 frame and 7L6 brick buildings - in all 1 ,003; J73 buildings are now in various stages of forwardness. The buildings of this year are greater in hurhber than the whoje city inc'iuded twenty-eight years ago; and the Gazette remarks that the disparity is still greater in regard, to elegance and value. - Thé buildings erected düring the last four years, excéeded ïh nnmber, nnd still further m importance and characler. thé entire buildings of Cincinrta'.i only fifleen years ago. Áteivspápers in Érirope. - Wilrner, and Smith's European Times give a complete list of all the newFpapers published in Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Gerinany, Russia Holland, Belginm, Spain, áfld Portugal. There are no daily papers published, we believe, in any part of the world efccept London, Paris and the United States. ín London therë are 12 daily papers, 6 published in the morning, and 6 n ihe evening, alsa 4weekly 7 semi weekly, 74 weekly, and 21 mönthly. In Liverpool there are 10 newspapers, all püblished once a week. In theotlier cities and towhs of England there are 204 papers, all published weekly except i at Manchester, wlüch is published weekly. In Scotland there are S, and several of those at Edirigburgh and Glasgow are semi-weekly tri-weekly journals - (20 are published in Edingburg, 15 in Glasgow, 5 in Aberdeen, 5 in Dnmfnei?, 4 in Dundee, 2 in Inverriëss, &tc. - Ireland has SS, of which 21 are publisht'd in Dublin, and 7 in Belfasi, severul óf thèm triweekly. Theieare 198 reviews and magazinse published in Greot Britain. In Frahco there are 36 newspápers, 24 of which are pUhlished' daily and 22 weefelj. ín Italy there are 6 newspapers-in Germnny there are 29 - in the whole Hussián Empire only 9-in Holland 15 - in Bëlgiura 0- in Spiin 6and m Portugal 5.A Hintabout Washing Calicóes. - Put in a small quantity of salt - say a table spoonful to a common sized tub of suds - and the cölors öf printed calicóes will remáin as bright as before f hey were washëdi So says a Liverpool paper. Hon. Wm. Jay, of Westchester is abou to leave for Europe, on a lour for the res toration of his impaired heaiïh.It is stated as a fact worthy of notice, that there are only four lawyers in both branches of the Legislaíüre of Vermont. There are 831 convicts in the SingSing prisori;


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