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Delinquent Subscribers

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We háve a. class ofthis description on our books. We have ftrrnfshed thern the Signal regularly for a considerable time, as good as we could make it. typográphícally, intellectuaJJy, and otherwise. No pains have been spared, on our part to render it what it should be. We have done our duty, and many of our friends have appreciated our labors, and promptly remifted to us our dues! These have out thanks. But to our Delinquent Süksckibïrs we have a proposïtion to make. Many of you are indebted to us from two and a half to five dollars, including thé present volume. Now i f such will send us, free of expense, f our dollars or or before the time of our State Anniversary, (Jan. 9th) ït shall answer in full for two years. But ifwesendan agent to collect the amount due us, it is but reasonablethat we should expect the full amount according to our terms. Now, friends, what say you? Shall the funds be forth coming and we enabled thereby to cancel our debts that weigh heavily pon us, or shall we be left to labor and suffer on, ombarrassed and crippled in our enterprise for the want of the small sums which you are in O5DUTY BOUND TO SEXD US? A word to the wise is sufficient. We wait your response.


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