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'Tis fun theysay to get well wiüi thcm, ALL mankind througbout thcir wide and m mcnse circulation, thnt ever try ihem continue to buy them. Peters' Pilis are'putely vcg etablo; tliey work no miracles, nor do they pro fess to cure all diseases, becnusc they are ih scientific compound of a regular physician. wh has made his profossion the study of his lile. Dr Petere is a gradúate of Yule College, also of th Mnssachusetts Medical College, and has sonie wliuulisiinguiiihecl hiniself as a ínan of scienc und genius ninong the fauiily of the late Giv Peters. Poters' Vegetable Pilis are simple in thei preparatiun, mild in ihuir ciction, thorough ii iheir'opcration. and unnvnlled ïn thêir resulte. - The town and country are alike fillcd with tHei praise. The palnce and ihe poor house alik( echo with their virtues. In all cümates they wil rctnin their wonderful powers and excr thein unaüered by age or siiuation.. and this the voice of a gratelul communiiy proclaimed. - Peters' Pilis prevent - keep oiF diseases if timcly used. end have no rival in billious fever fever and ague,dyspcpsin, liver complaints.croup sick hcadache, jaundicc, asthma.dropsy. rheumn tism, cnlargement of tjie spleen, piles, colic, fe malo obstruction. heartburn. furred longue, nausea, disiemion oi'the stoniach andbowels. incipi ent diarrheen. flaiulencc,. habitual costiveness loss of appetite, bloched. or sallow complexion and in all cases of lorpor of the bowels, where a cathartic ur aperient is indicated, producing neith';r nausea, griping or debility; and ive repeatall who buy them continué to try t'nem. 7'hc inoat triumphant success hns over attended their use and onough is already known o them to immorialize and hand them down to pos terity with theimprovements ofthe age in medical ecience. . Dr. Peters was bred to the healing art, and in order to supply demands, he has originatcd and called to his aid tho only steam driven mnchinery in the world for pill working. Tis perfect, and its process imparts to the pil essemial virtue. because by being perfectlj - do you heur that! while a host can testify thnt they believe they owe their salvation (rom dÍ8ease and death to Peters' Pili, and if calóme and knivesaro getting partially intodisusewe are only mistaktn. CEnTincTES. - Thie paper could befilled with thèm by residents of Michigan, by your friends nnd neighbors - ask ouragonts. It is now woll cftöwri thnt the people will have Peters' Pilis, and to hinder would betostop the rushing wind. i'rice 25 or 50 cents per box. The resistlessibrce of these truthe - their universal reception, added to the tnstimony of millons. "keep it beiore the i)eiple'' mustand will e heard throughout this vale of tears. Their happy infiüence on joung ladies while suffering under the usual changes of life as directed by the laws of nature, they impart a buoyancy of heart, feeling and action, an elastic step, velvet check, lilly and carnation complexión by heir action on the chyle. fcc. and ladtes in delcatesijuations always admit their power and in nocence, and take them two or three nt a time vithout in the slightest degree incuiring the hazird of an abortion; which facfs are ofthe utm ;st rnportnnce. Pimples: a young lndy sent her ove to Dr. Peters, and says she feels more tn hirn for the restoration of her beauty than I he had saved her life. 'Tis fun to get we!l vith Petere Pills.for they cause the blood to course slimpid and gentle through the veins as a inounain rivulet; 3 or 4 is a commoti dose, henee the patiënt is not coniellcd to mnke a meal.TROUBJLE IN PLUTO'S CAMP. Quite nstonished Old Plutö cnineto New Ycrk. (Hearing Peters bad gothis Pili Engine ntwork,] To resign his cojnnrission, his liour glass ant scythe; I have come to deliver them nll up to you - Sir. my callingis over - my business sthrough; I have been for three years in a terrible stew. And I reaily don't knovv what on earth I'am to do;- Not of your rnighty sire do I come to complnin, But a tamal New Yorker, one PETERS by name; The diseases my aida, in this war of mankind, Are subdued by this Peters, what help can we find? I would yield him N. York. sir, if there he would stay; But, sir. Peters will have the whole world for his sway. While musingin council what coursc to pursue That Engine of Peters broke forth into view. The King of terrors looked a while, As though his soul was turr.ed to bile, At that unsparing scourge of ills, By all men known as Peteis' Pilis. These Pilis ot Peters' stop the alaughter. And leaves theblood as pure as water. Now Peters makes, I've heard him say, Ftve hundred thousand pills a day; So that the chance is very small Of people dying there at nll; For soon the c'neeks, so tnarkcd for doom, Begin like any rose to bloom. Look kerel all tcho try them' continue to buy fJicm For sale as follnws. hy Meiers. Beach & Abel G. Grenville, F. J. B. ('rnne. Maynard. &Co. G. Ward, S. P. & J. C. Jewett. J. H. Lund H. Becker, Dickenson & Cogswell, and S. K Jones, Ann Arbor: Geo. Warner & Co-, and J Millerd & Son, Dexter, Wm, A. L. Shaw, Li ma; J. C. Winans. Sylvnn, Halo, &. Smiih GrassLake; W. Jackson. Leoni: D. T. Merri. rnan, Jackson; M. A. Shoemaher. Michigar Centre; Brothcr3on & Co., L. B. Kief & Gil bort, Manchester; D. S. -Hny.wood, Saline; Snow &Keys. Clinton; J. Scattergood &. Co.,PIymouth; Stone. Babcock &Co., andJulins, Movi us&Co.. Ypsilanti; Pierre Teller, Detroit; J & J. 3idwell, and Dr. Underwood, Adrion Hart &. Mosher. Springville; Harmen & Cook Brookly'n; Smith & Co., Jonesville; L. M Boyce, Chicago. - and almost every where else. Oct. 19, 1842 27-ly


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