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B. D320 'S CELEBRATED CHEMICAL PL ASTER, Tic losi effechtal remedy yet discovércd foi Rhevma'tism, Fever Sores, White Stvellings, Injlammnlion in the Eyes, Swetled Throat in IScay-hl Fever, Quinsey, THE CHEMICAL PLASTER s an important femedy for those who aie alllicied with chronic and inftammatory cornplainls, by its ens ing pain, counteracting inflanimation, and giving 8poedy relief by ils activo, strengthening, anodyne. diaphoretic and counterirritantproperiies- an eiïectual reniody lor Chronic and lmfiammatory JUieumntism, Aguc in ihe Breast, Scnlds Burns, Bruises, Scrofula, UIccrs, Old Sores o ilmost every description, Cankcred and Swellet Throat arising from Scarlet Fe v-er, Felons, White Swellings, Chilblains, &c. Persons sufiering from Liver Complaints, Pulmnary discases, lnflammation of the Lungs, with nnin in Élï'c side, bnck or limbs. will find relief by he use of ihis Piaster. In all cases it may be useii with perfect safety. E. DEANS CHEMÍCAL PLASTER ib put up in boxes at rifty cents and one dollar ench, With full direclions accompanyingeach box. Mantifactured and sold wholesalc by H. IIARRIS & JO.. Ashtabula. Ohio, söle proprietors, tó whom all orders should be iddressed. Sok also by their Agente throughout the country. (ETA liberaldiscount made to dealers and physicians. For testimoniáis and öertificates from persons of the highest respectibility, who have used the Chemical Piaster, see another column of this paper. For sale by the following Agents in Michigan: H. W. Rood. Files, J. C. Larrimore. " C. Skanahan, Edwardsburgh. Win. O. Austin, White Pijieon. Isaac Benham, Jr., Conatantine. Danl. L. Kimberly, Schoolcraft. H. B. Huston, &F. March, jr PM Kalamazoo. James W. Cothren. P. M. Gnlesburgh. T. L. Bolkcom, P.' M. Battle Creek, Jamos M. Parsons, P. M. .Marshall. Paul Raymond, Druggist, Jackson. Wm. Jackson, P. M. Leoni. Hale and Smith, Grass Lake. John C. Winnns, Sylvan, J Millerd & Son, Dexter. Thomas P. Mav. Jr. Plymouth, Pcrin fe Hnll. Northville. Mead &. MoCnrthy. Farmington, Peler Van Every. Franktin, Julios Dean, Ponrine, Mack & Sprague, Rochester, James Stephens, Utica, E. C. Gallup, "Mt. Clemens, G. &.T. G. Hill, }nt .t John Owen & Co. Detr01t' Dr. Thos. M. Sweeny, Dearbornville, E. Samson. Tpiilariti, J. H. LUND. ) W. Si & J. W. MATNARD, Ann Arbor. CHRISTIAfi EBERJBACÏI. ) -19-iy IN "BEADY M&BE CLOTMO ! !" HALLO CK êf RAYMOND WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Ann Arbor. and ti e State generally, thai they have now on hand ihe LARGEST and CHE AP EST stock of READY MADE CLOTHING" to bc found at any establishment in this State, which thcy are determined to sell at piices lateer than were before offered, and they confidently invite all persons in want of liRcady Made CLolking," visiting Dotroit, to cali at 'their establishment, "Corner of Jrjfcrson and Woodward Avenues," in the new brick block, Phucnix Buildings, wliere they will find every variety ofgarments suitable for eentlomen's Fall or Wtnter wear. and they believe at prices from 15 to 25 percent cficaper than they can obtain them in any other way. Also, a very choice selection of "Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings," which thcy are prepared to manufucture to order in a superior manner and stye nol to be excellec in 'he City of New York or elscwhere. Garments always warranted to fit and please or no sale!! Also. a very heavy Stock of DOMESTIC CLOTHS. PILÖT and BEAVER CLOTHS. BELGIC CLOTHS, SATTINETS, WINTER TWEEDS, and cvery variety and description of goods suitable for gentlemen's wearing nppnrel. all of which shnil be sold vsrxj low for cash, or exchanged tbr Product at market prices. All those wishing Bargains'xn any of the above nrticles invited tW cali flt the 'lFASHION ABLE CLOTHING EMPOMUM" of rhc subscribers. Cor. oí JefTerson and Woodwarc' Avenues, Detroir. HALLOCK & RAYMOND. Detroit, Sept. 28, ] 843. 23-tf TO CIiOTKISinS, MAJVUFJ1CTÜRERS AJYD MERCHJ3JYTS. THE subscribers are now receiving, at thcir stores, 188 Jefforson Avenue, and corner o Randolph and Woodbridge streets, Detroit, a large and general stock of Bye Woods Sc Dye Stufis. 35 tons Logwood, Fustic, Limewood, Nicarragua, Hypernic Wood, in the stick, 130 bbls. ground Camwood, 150 do Fustic 120 do Logwood, 100 do lïedwoods, 20 do Alum, 6 hhds Copperas, 4 do Blue Vitfiol. 4 pipes Ombre and Crop Maddcrs, prime, 500 Ibs. Extract Logwood, 600 do Bengal, Madras and Caraccas Indigo, 300 doBlueNutgalls, (Alieppo,) 250 do Powdered Cúrcuma, 200 do Verdigris. 10 Carboys Óil Vitriol, 6 do Aqua Fprtis, 4 do Spirits Sea Saltf, 4 do Nitric Acid, 2 cases Lac Dyc, 300 Ibs. Banquo Tin, 250 do Crenm Tartar, 500 do Quereciron Bark. Together with a complete assortmentof all the minor articles in tbc trade, to wit: Press Papers. Teazles, Brushes, Jacks, Tent Hooka, Dye Kettles, Pickcrs, Burling Irons, Nippers, Prussiate of Potnsh, Sal Amoniac, Sal Soda, Sugar of Lead, Steel Reeds, Card Cleaners, MACHINE CARDS, Satinett Warps, Sbears, &c. Tbis entiro stock has been purchased within the ast t wo weeks, and selected personally by one of the concern, who has been in the business for he last eleven years, and they have no hcMtation n saying that the quality of these goods is unxceptionable. They will positivly be sold at the owest New York jobbing prices, with the adlition of transportado!) only. The snbscribers have the sole Agency in this State for the salo of "l'ARSON'S SHEARING MACHINES," nd the celebnited llLEICESTER MACHINE CARDS," decidcdly the best in use. THEO. H. EATON, & CO. April 11, 1843. 51 tf JAiUESO. BIRNEY, ATT ORNE Y AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. saganaw errr, mtchigan. JG. B. will also act as Land Agent in the Land District in which this (Saganaw) 2ounty is; ho will make investments for others ands, pay ovorfor non-residents their taxes, and ive information gonerally to persons interested n this part of the country, or desirousof becomng immigrante to it. "HALTSEAD'g BE.ISK PILLS 28 PlLLS FOR 25 CSNTS. THE Briek Pille answer the purposc , , foctually for any disease bK'BW' pill is rccommended, and supersode thern gciher in medical excellence and viriue ir doubt this. just try will cost you onl yU shillmgs- and then you, with me, wjij k" y ly? fied If they are not what I AJSJ g to be. denounce them and put them down f cannot conscientiously recomnicnd tlirn r cure all for every (hing. But tliia 1 do W , a outfear ofcontradiciion. that no piUs ar il equal in rcmoving discases originannA Tr stomoch or bowels. For liver and bil euses, such as duin agüe, fever and ocrj d8' mittant and remittant fevers, the Brisk Pu'"'"" sess peculiar própertics for tlieir specdv V POs' Prom ten years-experience as a practisir1„10Val' cían. I am convinced ibat none can eaun ,kP yai" Read what other pi lis aregood for IZ Letn- will cure, and if the Brisk are „'o, l1.' 'H them all, then discard tbcir se. Do .3í"?r lo nilihntiasoid aboutnn infallible nill ih Ve er fails to cure any disease- but trv ihP n .' n?v' -the ehenpest pills in use-28 Lrk ñU -and then you will have a tofi Cen", their ment or dement. As a blood cU fie of a purifier to the diseasedsystcm. tl,ov t ?er.a"d persede every pill in use. They nre -pa " easy in the opcration, giving fe nrl ,ü aiHthe torpid organs: .hrowijr óffimnS ' aU' or humors; leaving tho system heaHv [ T? This is all that any one medie neSnrf C'ean' standing the grent show QtÏÏS $$ "- tificates. We are determinólo let," L Ci !Us upontheirown repntatiqiV, win ör 1 ni we ask is for a fair and' impartial tr?SeThAM can be tnken by old nnd young, nl „„' ,:' The{ perfect safety. They are an fxSS t'me1w.ltíí for cbildren, for woTms, &c. In n L i!ne ' possess all the qualities of an apcrieni mM L ÏV mily use. They have cured mSSÍAft no other medöcme could remove &1íh I eay, do-not give up or despair of a 2""", you have tried ,he Brisk PiiSl 'for they do S sess peculiar properties and virtiies ' ' For Sale by S. P. & J. c. Jewett P ru bach, Ann Arbor; D.H Rowlnmi Nr ,Eber" Romeo; Sprngue & Co.. Chï„Y ï Bnrchard,N. P. Jacobs, J. O wen & Co ,%t ' .. 10-6m TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT fR; ,WAL1KlFR would announce to lii, friends and the public in genera!, thnihe .s now m the receipt of the fall and w ? s ! ons for JÖ43-4, which have been selecïd I and urn.shed by twoof the best cstablishmen 8 in the ühited States, on the first of the present momh aftcr the kinds of goocl. and fasliions for theW. son had becouie pcrmonently estabJished, which is bcautifully Ülustrated by tw0 of tle SS splendid foshion plates ever presented ro this comí munity. Any gen.len.en who wish lo have the proN pt;rk can íind it here ftirnished il scason when there can be no mistnke ns to whnt is or is not fashionable. piense cnll and examine ior yourselves, nnc ff we cannot ex hib.t something that will eatis.'y you that ihestvle of goods and fashion of gnrmeius are chaste and bcmit.fiil, then we are much mistaken. Mr. Walker would take this opportunity to re'urn lus sincere thanks lo all who have hitheno favored hitn with fheir patronage, and hopea he hns givcn general satisfnetion. All who feel disposed to hnve an ensy. at the same time a faslilonable garmenr. cm be graiified by callin at ihe shop of J. D. Irish. one doorsoui'h of Beach fc Abel's old store, where for the convenience of himselt and cufitomers he has located for the season, where all demanda in his line will be executed with neatness and despalch. on reasonnble terms for cash or country produce, but posiüvdv no credit. N. B. Cutting done, and warranted to fit if properly made up. Octoberll. 1Ö43. 27-tf. YPSILANTI AGADEMY, ' AND TSACfHlElS' SE2LIAE7 H. H. GRIFFEN. -Principal. Mr. CHAS. WOÜDARD, Assistakt. TflE winter term of this instituiion wül commence on Monday, Nov. 20, and continue 11 weeks. While tiiis school is equally open to all of both sexos, who acquire a good education, particular attention will be given to those who are prepcring to teach. The exclusive and unintcrrupied attention of the principal will be given to impart a pnictical knowledge of the English branches. He oecupies about half an hour daily in lecturing. with the aid oftheapparatus. minerale, or otherwise. Api'aratus. - The Insüuuion is furnished wiih Chemical, Philosophical. and Astronomical np'paráVus. Surveying Instruments. Geonietrical solids, &c. to the aniounl ofí?!300; also, a good Cabinet of Minerals worih $50. Tumos in the commori English branches, including Composition and Declnniation from 2,00 to $;5,5O. In Philosophy. Chemistry, Astronomy. History, Rhetoric. Boiany. Algebra, Geometry, Surveying. Ac. from $4,50 to$5.00. Mczzotinio and Chinese or Theorem paintinp, 3.0Deach for 12 lessons, taught by Mrs. Griffen. The tuition is to be paid at the middle of the term. No dedu.ciion for absence will be madp, except for protiacled sickness, and no one will be leceived forless than fivennd a half weeks.- Books may be had of the principal at Detroit prices. Board. Including room and washing. from .1.00 to $1.50 per week; for further particular inquire of the principal. Rooms can be hired cheap for scholnrs to bonrd themselves. Rev. I. M. Wcan. Rev. H. P. Powers. Rev. O. F. North, J. Faiichild. M. D.. J. C. Allen, M. D.r G. and E. M. Ski'-nner, E.sqrs. havekindly consented to fotm a visiting comrnitiee, to be present at the Week reviews on Thursday, and at the public examination of the school. Ypsilanti, Oct. J6, 1843. 5- ]y WOOLEN THE 6ubscribèrs would inform the public thnt they are now manuíacturing VVOOLEN CLOTI1 with a degree of success equal to their most sanguine expectations. With the machinery they now have, they are able to manufacture from 75 to J00 pounds of wool per day. The cloth they have made for the last thrce monthsis of the best quality. and that made in luture will be similar. They have entirely overeóme the dilfieulties of starting an establishment of this kind in a ncw country. Their terms are 37J cenls per yard for fulled cloth finished. or half the cloth the wool will malee. If any alterntion of ilie terms should be determined on, public notice will be given. All wool received beföre such notice is given will be worked on the above terms. Ifkny wish to have their wool worked without mixing it with other wool, it will be done, provided they assortit themselves, and iurnishit in quantities of 100 pounds of one quality of wool. It is muclv better to sew up wool in sacks thanto tie it up in blankete; the cloth 6hould be strong. Provisions of all kinds will be received in payment for manufacturing to the amount required tor the consumption of the establishment. Wool sent by railroad to Scio, will be properly nttendedto; the number of pounds should bemarkedon thesack with ink; also the weight of the sack.- The wool will be worked in turn as it comes in, as nearly ás can be done with referènce to the different qunlities. IET Many Farmers have expressed to us their jratification in cohsideration of our starting this jrnnch'-of business, and many have encouraged tis iv their patronage during the last year. Wo now nvite aïl to brihg their wool, to the amount of 25,000 pounds, and roceive the benefit of the very roaaonable terms on which we offer to manufacture it. The establishment is 2 milest west of Ann Arbor, on the Huron. S. W. FOSTER, & CO. Scio, April 30, 1843. Ml BROKE out orthe enclosure of the eubscriber on or about the night of the 28th uit. n smal gray Mare, fonr years old, not shod. Any person who will givc notice to the ownerby letter or otherwise where said Mare may be found, shall )e rewarded by CHARLES HUDSON. North Lake, Wah. co. Oct. 14, Í843. 46-3w


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