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Attention, Clothiers!

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JUST received at the General Depot, for the sale of Clothiers Stock, Machmery, Dy aiuffs, &c. &c, No. 139. Jefftrson Avenue, Detroit, the following large, well assorted, ant carefully selected stock, viz: 100 bbls. St. Domingo Logwood, Cut, 5 Tons " " ia Stick, 150 bbls. Cuba Fustic, Cut, 5 Tons " " in Stick, 50 bbls. Nic. Wood, Chipped, 50 V Lima Wood, 4' 30 " Red Wood, " 120 " Ground Camwood, 10 " Quercitron Bark, 500 Ibs. Nutgalls, 10 Cases Extract of Logwood, 30O Ibs. Lac Dyc, 2 Ceroons Spanish Indigo, 300 Ibs. Sumac Sicily, 3 Casks Madder. 3 Cnsks Blue Vitriol, 5 Casks Alura, 2 Barrels Red Tartar. 2 Bnrrels Cream Tnrtar, 3 Carboys A qua Fortis, 5 ♦ Oil Vitriol, 3 " Muriatic Acid, 500 Virdigris, 50 " Block Tin, Teasels, Twine, Copper Kettles, all sizes, Parson'8 Shearing Machines, Curtis' " " Screws and Press Plates, Cranks, Press Paper, Steel Reeds, Worsted Harness. Tenter Hooks, Emery,'a!l No's.,' Olive.Oil, Clothiers' Jacks, Sattinett Warp, Clothiers' Brushes, Shuttles, Pickers, Card Cleaners, &c. &c. The above, with n vaiiety of other articles bolonging to tho trade, have been purchnscd this suramer by the subscribers f rom Manuacturors nd First Hands in the New York, fhiladelphin, nd Boston Markets, and every thing having reeived his personal inspection. he can witli the tmost coniidence ofïar them to purebasers a3 the est and most complete slochin the country; and as it is his fixed determination (by the low rates '. which he will sell) to Drevent the necessity of ur Clothiers and MnnufaurerB Jeaving the tate to make their purchases, h; would merely ay to the trade, CALL, examine tho joods and scertnin prices before you say you can buy ïeaper any icherc else. ïle is also prepared to. contract for CARD1NG MACHINES made in this State or East. PIERRE TELLER, Sign of the Golden Mortar, 139, Jeffer8on Avenue, [17-tf.J Detroit.


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